Sleepy | A review 


For almost a week we have been using Lush’s sleepy lotion. After hearing and seeing only positive things about the lotion from other mums on social media sites I thought it was worth giving it a go. Originally it was brought for me, not Fletcher and Eden. Recently I’ve been struggling with sleep, even if both Fletcher and Eden have slept all through the night without even a stir I’ve been finding myself waking up always around 1-2am and then I lie there awake for what feels like hours. By the time I start getting tired and drifting off again it’s 4am and Fletcher is usually starting to stir ready to get up. So having to get through the days sometimes on as a little as 3 hours sleep I was prepared to give anything a go and I do love Lush’s products so why not?

With Fletcher waking up before 5am most mornings I thought why not try it out on him too and see if it helps him sleep in a little longer. He wakes up and an hour later is always tired again and ready for a nap and I always think if you’d just stayed in bed an extra hour!! Kids, strange but adorable little people sometimes.

Eden is a pretty good sleeper to be honest but I thought seeing as we’re including sleepy in Fletcher’s bedtime routine we may as well include it in Edens too.

It’s a fair sized tub to be honest, there’s plenty of it to go round the family. It’s a nice pastel lilac colour and smells lovely! I’m surprised I like the smell of it to be honest because it contains lavender and I am not a massive fan of lavender, it’s too strong for me usually. It also contains cocoa butter, oatmeal infusion and Tonka absolute. So based on size, smell and looks, thumbs up from me.

I haven’t noticed a change in my sleep as such. I still kept waking up however, I found I wasn’t lying awake for what seemed like hours, only seconds maybe minutes which is an improvement of course. I have found that when I wake up in the mornings I’m not struggling to get out of bed practically asleep still and grumpy (I’m not a morning person at all!) so that for me is a good thing. So I think for me it has helped in some ways.

As I mentioned Eden is a good little sleeper anyway so I wasn’t expecting any difference in her sleep. It had no effect on her at all but that’s ok.

I think it has helped Fletcher a little bit. Instead of waking up anytime around 4:30-5am he’s been waking up around 5:30-6am and that has been every morning since we’ve been using sleepy. So he’s managing an extra hour of sleep and has been waking up in a great mood. He hasn’t been getting tired until the afternoons either. I think even he has enjoyed including sleepy in his bedtime routine. Every night when we get pyjamas and nappies ready he runs and gets the tub of sleepy and brings it to me and asks for his cream on. He’s now even started helping me to put it on him, it’s so adorable watching him copy me rub sleepy onto him.


So yeah, overall I’d say it’s a great little lotion. I will be continuing to use it, it may not have a massive effect on us like some of the other stories I have read but even just including it in the kids bedtime routine is just nice to do. Fletchers enjoying having it on and having a go at being a grown up too and trying to put it on himself. If you are thinking of trying sleepy I would recommend it but be open minded about it. It may not work for everybody!



2 thoughts on “Sleepy | A review 

  1. Oh this sounds amazing! How have I not heard of this before? Joshua still wakes up, several times a night so I’m definitely going to look into this! X

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