10 things I have learnt since becoming a parent


Since I have become parent my patience has been tested, I’ve been sleep deprived, I’ve been covered in sick and sh*t, on occasions I’ve left the house covered in snot and all sorts of crap, I’ve eaten way too many cold chicken nuggets and fish fingers that have been fingered to death by a toddler (and some have definitely been on the floor). Yeah I know, being a parent is totally gross. So what have I learnt since I became a parent?

1. Clean clothes- there’s no such thing!
I put clean clothes on in the morning and within seconds, minutes if I’m lucky, there’s sticky fingers on my jeans and mushy banana on my nice black top. Do I change? Nope. I just get a baby wipe and try to wipe it off as best I can. Good as new.

2. You can’t live without baby wipes
I can use a whole pack in a day cleaning tiny bottoms, that mushy banana off my black top, sticky hands, chocolatey faces, snot on the sofa cushions, spilled juice on the floor and just about every surface in the house.

3. The wash baskets are never empty
What the hell? I only emptied that basket an hour ago and did a load of washing and it’s already full!!

Its never ending the amount of washing you have. There’s 4 of us in our house so every day that’s like 2 lots of underwear, 4 lots of socks, 4 lots of trousers and tops and that’s if the kids don’t have to get changed two or three a times a day and 4 lots of pyjamas. Then you have towels and any bedding or blankets. I think I must do a load of washing daily and if I’m lucky it might even be a whole two days before I have to do any.

4. There’s no such thing as peeing in peace
So you need to go to the toilet. Your toddler follows you shouting “mummy have a wee wee” or “mummy have a poo poo”, the baby crawls after the toddler and before you know it you’re sat on the toilet with your jeans down by your ankles with a baby trying to climb in your jeans and the toddler is flushing the chain mid flow and your bottom gets a nice cold wash. It’s all fun, honest!

5. It’s ok to have ‘me time’
This is something I have learnt recently. I’m not still very good at it though as I have always believed that they are my kids therefore they are my responsibility and nobody else’s. I’d literally take them everywhere with me. I’d never be away from them, I’d never ask anybody to watch them for an hour or a day while I went off to enjoy things I used to do before I became a mum but I have realised it is important not to forget who you were before the kids came along. You deserve a break, you’re not just a mum.

6. You have to share your food
You sit down with your lunch, great stuff been looking forward to this! Then your kid(s) have suddenly turned into a ninja and there are sticky fingers mauling your sandwich before you’ve even picked it up off the plate. Then you see those cute puppy dog eyes looking at you while they take a bite and decide that actually they don’t want it afterall and drop it. Oh you little angels!

7. Those expensive toys you thought the kids would love? Nope
Honestly, Fletcher is happy with a cardboard box so he can shove anything he can find in there. If I ever lose something I know where it will be! We spent a fortune on Fletcher for Christmas just gone and within a couple of months those toys were shipped off to the grandparents because they just didn’t get played with. Lesson learnt.

8. Peppa pig really is annoying
Fletcher has discovered Peppa pig. I think I know every episode word for word and I don’t think I’m alone when I say that, right? I find myself singing “peppa pig” then snorting and it drives me insane but I just can’t stop!

9. Time goes so fast, too fast
When you’re expecting your first baby other parents will tell you to enjoy it because it goes so fast. 100% true. I cannot believe how fast it goes, it may not seem like it when you’re sleep deprived and have a teething baby and you’re wishing they were older already but don’t wish it away. I look at Fletcher and Eden and I just wish they were teeny tiny babies again.

10. Despite of all that, it is truly the best job in the world!
I may occasionally (jokingly) threaten to sell my kids on eBay but I wouldn’t change being a mum for the world! Knowing that I made those two beautiful (biased of course) babies and that they need me just as much as I need them is just an amazing feeling! I love being Fletcher and Eden’s mummy and that will never change.

What have you learnt since becoming a parent?




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