Why I love being a boy mom


Since I’ve known I wanted kids I always wanted a boy. I thought that boys clothes were much nicer than girls. I knew how I wanted to dress him, how I wanted him to have his hair and what I wanted to call him. When I got pregnant for the first time I was convinced I was having a girl because my family is mostly all girls. I couldn’t believe my luck when we found out it was a boy! Straight after the scan we went shopping and brought so many boys clothes, literally his whole wardrobe for the first 3 months. It was so exciting and I couldn’t believe how tiny it all was.

Why do I love being a boy mum?

You know the theory that boys are mummy’s boys? Totally true. Fletcher has always been a mummy’s boy and at 2 and a half he still is. He is such a loving, caring, cuddly little boy. He follows me everywhere and always asks “What you doing mummy?”. When he’s tired he likes me to take him to bed, when he gets up in the morning it’s me he wants to see. When I pick him up from nursery he is so excited to see me, he shouts “Hello mummy” and gives me the biggest hug ever. It’s such a lovely feeling. I love how much he loves me and needs me. I’m the only girl he needs right now.

All these cool clothes I wanted to dress my future little boy in? I do that! I love being able to buy him clothes- skinny jeans, skinny fit jogging bottoms, oversized t-shirts, hoodies, shirts, converse, vans. Ahh it’s great fun! He used to wear caps as a baby but as he’s got older he will not entertain the idea of wearing any kind of hat. Boys clothes are cheaper too!

I got to grow his hair long. In the past people made comments like “he needs a hair cut” or they would aim their comments directly to fletcher like “you need a hair cut” or “when are you going to get your hair cut”. It used to drive me insane. I think people have come to accept his hair is long and I’m not going to cut it. He actually loves his hair himself, he doesn’t like anybody touching it and it suits him so much.

Boys toys! Fletcher is your typical boy when it comes to toys. His favourite toys are cars and his wooden train set. Anything with wheels and he’s there. Being a girl myself (obviously) and my family mainly being girls I grew up playing with dolls and barbies so it’s kind of nice to be able to play with cars, trains, pretend tool kits etc….

This might seem like a strange one but I’m sure it’s not just me who can relate but changing nappies are easier and quicker with boys. Am I just strange when I say that or does anybody else follow?

I love my little man!

Are you a boy mom? What do you love most about being a boy mom?



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