Why I love being a girl mom


After I had Fletcher and finally got the little boy I’d always wanted I started to want a little girl. I started noticing all the pink clothes when I was shopping and how adorable they suddenly seemed and I wanted to buy them! When I got pregnant the second time I was convinced it was going to be another boy. We’d picked out a girl and boys name and in my head I was always calling baby by the boys name we had picked out. What a shock and nice surprise it was to find out we was having Eden not Teddy. I could buy all those pink clothes!! 

Why do I love being a girl mom? 

A girl can never have too many clothes or shoes! Edens wardrobe is bursting with dresses. I adore putting her in denim dresses and frilly socks. She’s got so many pairs of shoes and trainers too, not that she likes wearing them because she always takes them off! 

Ooh the hair accessories too. We have a little bag full of headbands, clips and bobbles. I’m waiting for her hair to grow so I can experiment with different styles! 

Eden is also quite a strong independent girl, which I really like considering Fletcher is such a mummy’s boy. She’s not very cuddly and she never has been. Even as a newborn she’d never really like to be held. She likes her own space and to be free to get up to no good! She’s a little cheeky monkey. You can see it written all over her face just how cheeky she is. I love it! I’m not a confident person, never have been so it’s nice to see her be so confident and strong at the age of 1. 

I love all of the cute girly wooden toys. We’ve already got a wooden pram and it’s just so gorgeous and girly. Eden on the other hand just enjoys throwing her dolls out of the pram. She’ll make a brilliant mommy one day, haha. She loves playing with both her girly toys and Fletcher’s boys toys too, which I quite like. Who says girls can’t play with cars? 

I love my little girly. 

If you have a little girl, what do you love most about being her mom?



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