5 things I enjoy doing 


When I’m not busy being a mum I still like to make the time to enjoy some of the little things I used to do. It’s not very often I get the chance but when I do, I enjoy some me time.

  1. Reading. I remember the days where I used to read until I’d finish the book, only putting it down for a toilet break or food. Who doesn’t love getting lost in a good book where you escape to a different world?
  2. Photography is something I have enjoyed since I was a teenager. Since having kids I’ve rarely had the time to go out and about and take hundreds of photos in just one day and then spend the entire evening on photoshop editing those photos. Over the last few months I have started taking more photos on my camera again and I just absolutely love it. It’s like I have found my love for it all over again. Since I’ve been into photography it has always been my dream to turn it into a career. One day, maybe. Hopefully.
  3. Cooking/baking. Again, something I’ve loved since a teenager. I chose it as one of my subjects in high school for my GCSE’s. I’m not an amazing cook, I’m not going to be the next top chef or anything but I like to think I’m ok at it. I certainly enjoy giving it a good go anyway and it’s edible, that’s what counts right? Look out for some of my favourite recipes soon!
  4. Blogging. As I mentioned before I’ve had several different blogs over the years, one of which was pretty successful (to me) back in the day and this is something I’ve recently taken up doing again. I have to say I’m really enjoying it and always thinking about and planning what my next post is going to be about. It’s quite addictive and so easy for my fingers to just type even though I’m probably really rubbish at wording things and writing in general. I enjoy it and that’s all that matters.
  5. Even if I’m too tired to physically do something I enjoy then I look forward to chilling on the sofa or in bed with my favourite TV shows. I’m a massive soap addict- Emmerdale, Corronation Street, Eastenders. I watch those pretty much every night when they’re on or catch up with them the next day. Currently also enjoying The Great British Bake Off every Tuesday night, X Factor on Saturday and Sunday nights and patiently waiting for the return of The Walking Dead.



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