Why I love Autumn 

Autumn is one of my favourite seasons, along with Winter. Im so happy Autumn is almost here! Why do I love Autumn so much?

The weather. I just love the crisp frosty mornings and the cooler breezes. Much more comfortable than the hot, humid, sweaty summer days. Which brings me on to…

The clothes. It’s like shopping heaven for me this season. I could spend an absolute fortune on warm jumpers, fluffy scarves, plaid shirts and pyjama bottoms, chunky knit socks and cosy ugg boots.

Cosy nights in. I love nothing more than getting into my plaid pyjamas, knitted socks, slippers and then chilling with a hot chocolate and maybe a bar of chocolate or some cookies in front of the TV.

TV shows. Some of my favourite TV shows start coming back on which are perfect for those cosy nights in. Occasionally I like to throw in a takeaway too, yummy.

The leaves. I don’t know why I love Autumn leaves so much. I just love the colours and different shapes and how crispy they are. I find them so pretty! Me and my camera have lots of fun capturing all the different leaves. I am very much looking forward to getting out there with my camera.

Food. Oh those winter warmer meals like my favourite, stew. Every Saturday night my mum would make us stew while we watched our favourite TV shows. I loved it! Nothing beats my mums stew.

Halloween. I love pumpkin carving and dressing the kids up in cute Halloween t-shirts! I may be 26 but I still pick out and carve my own pumpkin every year, it’s just one of those traditions I can’t see me ever being too old to do.

Bonfire night. Who doesn’t love watching the sky light up with pretty colours while standing there all cosy and wrapped up warm? I can’t wait to take Fletcher to his first firework display. We don’t really have any bonfires where we live, they seemed to fizzle out years ago.

It’s nearly Christmas! Once Autumn is over you know that Christmas is just around the corner. Yay!!



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