Overnight oats | A breakfast recipe


Since joining Slimming World back in January this has become my favourite breakfast! I literally have it every morning. If you haven’t tried it already then you really should, I promise you won’t be disappointed. It’s a great healthy, light and filling start to the day!

This recipe will serve 1.


40g Oats or grape nuts.
This will be your hexb choice if you’re following Slimming World
175g Muller Light yogurt.
Any flavour you fancy although my favourite is vanilla. You can also use fat free natural yogurt


  1. Measure out 40g of oats or grape nuts and 175g of yogurt in the same bowl or jar and mix together. Cover them up and refrigerate overnight so that the oats or grape nuts can soak up the yogurt. I prefer to put mine in a jar with a screw top lid so it’s air tight
  2. Before you’re ready to eat chop up as many strawberries as you like and put on top of the overnight oats along with raspberries. You could also use blueberries, blackberries, any fruit you like

It really is that quick and easy. I used to use oats before I discovered grape nuts but now I am addicted to grape nuts. Mixed with the yogurt it goes almost like a cheesecake base, absolutely delicious and worth a try.


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