Why I love blogging


I’ve had many blogs over the years, one of those was pretty successful in my eyes and by that I mean I had around 15-20 followers and my posts were being read and occasionally commented on. That to me was a win. That slowly fazed out as I got older and started working and going out a lot. Once I met my other half and we started a family there was just no time for my old hobbies. At this point now, I feel I have the time for my hobbies again and I’m glad I am back in the world of blogging and so far I am absolutely loving wordpress.

Blogging for me has always been a hobby, it’s never been something that I have considered making money out of, I don’t even think I’d have it in me to do that anyway, plus I wouldn’t even know where to start. Who knows, maybe one day. For now I will settle for my little blog (which I love!) with my lovely followers! Thank you to you all for taking an interest in my little blog.

I love blogging because for me it’s not about how many followers I have or if my posts get comments or even liked (although I do get excited when I see a new follower, comment or like). For me blogging is about having somewhere I can be me, it’s my blog, it’s my space where I can blog about whatever I want too, whatever is on my mind. I can tell my parenting story and feel I can tell the good, the bad and the ugly. Let’s face it if you did that on Facebook let’s say there’s probably a load of nosey judgemental people ready to pounce on you. The world of blogging is completely different to social media.

I just love the blogging community. I’ve came across some other blogs that I’m very interested in, mostly parenting blogs but you’re all just lovely and friendly and true. It’s great!

It’s actually became quite addictive this blogging stuff.



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