A tour of Fletcher and Eden’s bedroom

Before Eden came along Fletcher had the bedroom all to himself. I was so excited once we had decorated his bedroom. I remember the night me and my other half built his cot up in the living room. I had one of those moments where you realise “I’m going to have a baby! There’s going to be an actual baby in there soon”. His cot stayed in our living room for a few days while his room had finishing touches done and paint dried. In those few days I washed all his tiny clothes and piled them neatly in the cot ready to go away in his new little wardrobe. His bedroom was finished in time for my baby shower which was great as everybody was admiring his bedroom and all the cute little baby things. Over the next year and a half I changed his bedroom around so much as he grew and we had more and more toys.

Further into my pregnancy with Eden Fletcher’s bedroom was no longer just his. I knew exactly how I wanted to decorate Edens half of the room to match Fletcher’s and what changes needed to be made to fit an extra person in there and more toys and clothes! Since Eden came along their bedroom has also changed a lot over the year. They were both sharing Fletcher’s tiny wardrobe until we finally got a fitted one installed a few months ago now. We got rid of Fletcher’s blue carpet (I hated that thing!) and got a nice grey one fitted, the difference that made to the room was amazing.

We (hopefully for the last time) changed their room again last week after a trip to IKEA. They’ve got some new bigger storage for their growing collection of toys, a little book stand and these cute cloud lights. Their bedroom is the best room in the house, my favourite. I just love it, when I walk past I can’t help but look in there.




4 thoughts on “A tour of Fletcher and Eden’s bedroom

  1. There is so much stuff in my daughter’s room right now, I don’t know how I am going to make room for her sister when she is born. Did your older child get territorial and object at all during the transition?


    1. He actually didn’t mind sharing his bedroom, that was the easy part. 15 months later and he’s only just starting to accept his sister being here at all, he can still be very mean to her at times. He doesn’t like her touching his toys! You might have the complete opposite though and your little one may absolutely love her little sister


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