Organix fun food plate 

I approached Organix to see if they had any food products I could try out with Fletcher and Eden. I was more than happy with the response I received from them!

In the past I’ve tried to be a bit creative with their meals and snacks  just for something different and exciting for them, also in an attempt to get them to eat something during the fussy phases. I’m not very good at being creative or arty but last Christmas I actually made them a pancake Santa which I was pretty impressed with, I think Fletcher was pretty impressed too to be honest. When Organix responded to see if I’d like to have a good at a fun food plate I was more than happy to give it a go!

It was so much fun to put together and I was pretty impressed with my attempt. I think fletcher and Eden appreciated my attempt too. When I brought it out Fletcher was immediately interested and knew exactly what it was, a rocket. He was so excited and didn’t waste any time tucking in.

These fun food plates are such a great idea for little ones! I think it makes snack time more fun and might encourage those fussy eaters to have a taste if it looks appealing. A fab fun way to get healthy food into your little ones. Definitely recommended by this mummy!

If you want to create this fun food plate then here’s how:

Step 1
Place the 3 carrot sticks on a plate to form the body of the rocket. Add the cucumber triangle for the top of the rocket.

Step 2
Make cuts into one edge of the red pepper slice to form flames then add to the bottom of the rocket.

Step 3
Place the cucumber circle on top of the carrot sticks for the rocket window.

Step 4
Add the cheese moon to the plate. Finish your fun food plate with a scatter of cheese stars.​

Be safe! If you want to serve this fun plate to younger babies then ensure the textures and piece sizes are suitable for your little one.  You may need to cook the red pepper until soft, peel the cucumber and use larger pieces that they can hold themselves in their hands.

If you want some more healthy recipe ideas to create more fun food plates for your family then head over to



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