Swimming essentials for toddlers


Recently we have been swimming which is where my idea came from for this post. It’s only in the last few months I’ve really enjoyed taking the kids swimming, thanks to losing over 3 stone with Slimming World (but that’s a different post for another time).

Luckily both Fletcher and Eden really enjoy swimming. I think it’s fab where we take them, It’s not just your plain boring swimming pool for enthusiasts. There’s slides, waves and other fun stuff! Perfect for the little ones and us big kids too. I’ve been going there since I was a kid and now I get to see my two enjoy it too which is just great.

What do I pack in our swimming bags for the kids?

First and most importantly, swimming costumes. Fletcher has this cute George pig swimming outfit and Eden has just had a new Hello Kitty one with frills, its adorable. It’s amazing how fast they grow out of their swimming costumes and trying to find one in the shops this time of year is a bit tricky too I noticed. 

We also take arm bands. As Eden is now over 12 months we have now moved on from our baby ring float to arm bands. It was actually our first time using them when we went earlier in the week. Eden has never enjoyed sitting in those baby rings and always ended up sitting on my lap in the shallow end so I think she really enjoyed having the freedom. They’ve both got the same Zoggs arm bands as they suit ages 1-3, so that’s quite handy really.

Not forgetting swim nappies too. I always take a few each, just in case one rips or you have a code brown situation. They’re quite tight I find compared to usual nappies but I suppose they have to be really. I usually just go for the shops own brand as they’re much cheaper and for the amount of times we do actually go swimming I find them the best value. Where we go you can buy a single one from them but I still always take my own.

Towels. I always find it cold when you get out of that nice warm water and as mum, you are the last one to get dry and dressed so you’re standing there for what feels like forever soaking wet and shivering while you get the kids sorted. Then when it comes to you your towel is soaked and is never going to dry you properly so sometimes I like to take a spare towel or two.

Don’t forget your usual nappies/pants and wipes too! I nearly did that once, can’t imagine that would have been good.

I don’t usually like to hang around showering us all properly and washing our hair there so I don’t take shampoo or anything like that, I much prefer to do that when we all get home but if you prefer to do it there then don’t forget shampoo and your usual bath time products.

I will either take a snack and drink each for after or I’ll grab something from the vending machine. Swimming always makes me hungry, I don’t know about you?










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