10 Lies we tell our kids 


Just to clarify, I’m talking about those little white lies here, you know, the ones you probably tell your kids on daily basis as a means of bribery.

  1. “If you don’t tidy your toys up they are going in the bin!”. We’re not really going to put them in the bin, they cost a fortune and we’re not that mean, but the kids don’t know that! Anybody else ever use this one?
  2. “Santa is watching you and he won’t bring you any toys”. Of course he’s not watching and of course, we’re still going to get them toys for Christmas but it works a treat!
  3. “Maybe later”. This really means no but we don’t want to run the risk of a tantrum so we give them hope and distract them so they forget about it. Problem (hopefully) solved without the tantrums.
  4. “We’ll come back for the toy later”. Basically, there’s no way I am paying £100 (slight exaggeration) for a tiny plastic bit of tatt.
  5. “I will leave without you”. I’ve used this one a couple of times when trying to leave the house and Fletcher is having none of it. Of course I’d never leave without him but it gets him out the door!
  6. “We’re almost there”. Nope, we’re not even close.
  7. “Ooh, it’s broken”. It’s not broke at all, it’s just annoying and if you have to hear or see it one more time your sanity is out the window.
  8. “Wow, you did a great job”. What is this a drawing of? Does it have to go on the fridge? We have to praise them afterall don’t we.
  9. “If you don’t sit down and eat your dinner it’s going on the bin!”. I’ve threatened this one a few times with Fletcher. Sometimes it works, sometimes it doesn’t. Sometimes he calls my bluff and puts it in the bin himself.
  10. “I don’t know”. We do know we’re just really fed up of being asked 1000 questions already.

Are there any other little white lies you tell your kids?



3 thoughts on “10 Lies we tell our kids 

  1. This is more like an empty threat than a lie, but on days when my little monster is being particularly horrible about doing something she must (like wearing her underwear UNDER her trousers, not the other way around) I tell her she’s going to be in real trouble if she doesn’t do it on the count of three…one, two,…and she usually does it :-p I know one day she’ll call my bluff but I haven’t defined what “real trouble” is so hopefully I’ll come up with something lol


      1. Yep, these kids! They know we love them no matter what so I’m looking forward to the day I have to up my bluff and ground her for “eternity” or something to that effect lol


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