20 Rainy day activities 


Does anybody else hate it when you have a great day planned and you get up at the crack of dawn to get everybody ready in time and bam! It’s raining. Day ruined.

The rain has ruined several fun planned days for us in the past and although it puts a little downer on the day there’s still fun to be had indoors at home! Always have a backup plan just incase. So on those rainy days sometimes we stay in our pyjamas and sometimes we get dressed, it just all depends.

If you’re stuck on some ideas to keep the kids entertained indoors on those rainy days then why not try some of these:

  • Colouring
  • Painting 
  • Play doh 
  • Baking 
  • Cardboard boxes and imagination (I once made fletcher a rocket and a washing machine out of cardboard boxes)
  • Sensory tray (shaving foam, pasta, bubbles, rice etc…)
  • Sticker books 
  • Make cards (Christmas, Halloween and birthday cards, grandparents will love them!)
  • Decorating biscuits (plain digestives, icing sugar and some sprinkles)
  • Building dens (dining chairs, dining table, sofa cushions, blankets)
  • Reading 
  • Build a tower (We are big mega bloks fans)
  • Water play (Fill a bucket or large bowl with water and chuck in cups, toys etc…)
  • Pasta threading (Dry pasta and string or play doh and straws)
  • Board games 
  • Watch a movie (if you can get the toddler to sit still long enough!)
  • Treasure hunt (hide some things and get the kids find them)
  • Dressing up 
  • Sensory bags (paint, water, cotton wool, rice, leaves etc…)
  • Colour hunt (search the house for coloured objects and collect them in a bag)

And of course when it does stop raining you can always put on your wellies and go puddle jumping!




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