How to survive the early mornings 


If you’re not a morning person, like me, then the early mornings you’re faced with as a parent can really kick your ass.

I am unfortunate enough to have an early bird in the form of my cheeky 2 year old, Fletcher. He seems to go through phases but on average any time after 3:30am you can guarantee that he’ll be rising soon. I don’t think I’ve ever known him sleep in past 6am at home. He can do it for his grandparents though, of course. In the past we’ve tried cutting out his naps during the day, putting him to bed later, changing his bedtime routine but no matter what he still woke up at the crack of Dawn. I’ve just learnt to accept that he is an early bird. Not good at all for this momma who is not an early bird.

I really struggle with these early mornings, more so since Eden came along. I’m finding I’m always tired, always yawning, always lacking energy and you can guarantee that I am tucked up in my bed shortly after the kids. Yep, I’m turning into a granny! Cheers kids, but mostly cheers to my early bird.

Truth is, I don’t know how I survive the early mornings. I stumble out of bed half asleep like a mombie with Fletcher shouting “good morning” or “Come on mummy let’s go to the living room”.

There are some tips though that I find make the early mornings slightly easier:

Cuppa tea/coffee. I cannot function half as much until I’ve had my cuppa tea. So make sure it’s there waiting for you in the morning. Set your mug up with a tea bag or coffee and sugar if you have it and fill the kettle up the night before.

Breakfast. Sometimes I prepare my breakfast the night before (like overnight oats/grape nuts) so all I have to do is grab it out the fridge and enjoy.

Kids drinks. The first thing Fletcher asks for every morning is “juice”. So I always leave their drinks bottles out on the side ready to pour their apple juice into.

Kids breakfast. Luckily after they’ve woken up both my two wait a good half an hour for their breakfast so this gives me time for my cuppa so I’m more awake by this point but I always set their cereal bowls up and spoons.

Clothes. If you have to be out the door early for the school run or work or appointments then set your clothes up the night before too.

You’ll be surprised how setting all that up the night before can really help. It means you get more time to completely laze out on the sofa until you’re feeling slightly more human and awake.

Early night. If you love and need your sleep like me then getting an early night will help make sure you’ve had plenty of sleep ready for your personal alarm at 4 in the morning.

If like Fletcher, your little one has a tablet and is happily entertained by that long enough for you to enjoy your hot cuppa then make sure it’s fully charged ready for the morning. Fletcher always has his iPad for an hour when he wakes up and then again for an hour later in the afternoon.

Get their favourite TV programme ready. For me, as CBeebies doesn’t start until 6am I’ve got a ton of Bing, Mr Tumble and Peppa Pig downloaded so I can just press play and let them run. Ahhh, nice hot cuppa for me.

Lastly, breathe. You will survive the morning. You will get through it.



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