5 things I miss since becoming a parent 


Firstly, I just want to say that I am in no way complaining about my life as a parent. There is absolutely no doubt that having kids changes your life completely and of course I wouldn’t go back now. I’d be lost without Fletcher and Eden.

But there are just a few things that sometimes I miss being able to do. I mean, I still do these things but I have to do them differently now and I don’t get to do them very often any more.

  1. The most obvious one that most parents probably also miss is sleep. God, I miss sleep. I miss being able to wake up naturally. I miss being able to have a late night knowing that I can sleep in until 9am the next morning if I wanted too. Even if both Fletcher and Eden have a great nights sleep and sleep through I find myself waking up constantly listening out for them to stir or I keep checking the time thinking “they’ll be awake in a couple hours”. Then I struggle to get back to sleep because I feel like I’m forcing it on myself. Ahh sleep. One day we will meet again.
  2. Using the bathroom, alone. Just this morning actually I was standing at the sink brushing my teeth and these little hands appeared in the sink playing with the water. I was trying my hardest not to dribble little bits of toothpaste out and on to Fletcher’s hands. Every time I even open the bathroom door in the morning Fletcher’s there first waiting for me to turn the shower on and then Eden slowly follows crawling along. I manage to get in the shower and then I hear the thud of the bath toy basket being emptied into the shower with me. Ooh hello Iggle Piggle and Upsy Daisy staring at me!
  3. Lazy days. We all love a lazy pyjama day in front of the tele from time to time don’t we and sometimes we throw in a nap. There’s no such thing as a lazy day with kids, ok well that’s not exactly true maybe. I mean, you can still have a lazy day but it’s a different kind of lazy day. If you’re a parent, you’ll know what I mean.
  4. Not having to share food. My two have only got to hear a packet rustling and they’re there. I just can’t resist those eyes peering over my cereal bowl or those little chubby fingers helping themselves to what ever is on my plate. I have been known to hide just so I can eat a biscuit or a chocolate bar in peace. Horrible momma!
  5. Having a tidy house. I think my house is pretty tidy really considering I have two kids and of course, kids need to play and have fun. They need their toys out and to make a mess. It’s all part of having kids and them learning and enjoying life, it’s what it’s all about. But sometimes I wish when I did the housework it stayed tidy for longer than 10 minutes. Eden has a thing for emptying everything and not actually playing with it. She just loves making a mess! I don’t know where she gets that from because it’s definitely not me or her dad.

It’s ok to sometimes miss the little things, it doesn’t mean you love your kids any less. It’s just all part of the journey and one day those little things you miss, you’ll be able to do again and even then you’ll be wishing that you could have your now twenty something babies back to being tiny little terrors.



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