20 Facts about Fletcher 


Here’s a chance for you to get to know my little man:

  1. His full name is Fletcher Harry Arthur Evans
  2. He was born February 10th 2015
  3. He was born 1 day early
  4. He is a massive mummy’s boy!
  5. He loves cuddles and snuggling with his duvet
  6. He can be quite shy (just like his mummy)
  7. His favourite person is his Grandad (my dad). God, does he love his grandad!
  8. His favourite TV show is bing on CBeebies
  9. He is currently in age 3-4 or 4-5 clothes (depending on what it is and where it’s from)
  10. He loves fruit- apples, oranges, grapes and melon are his favourites
  11. He loves going out in the car, especially grandads red car
  12. He recognises certain names if wrote down or from my contacts in my phone. If my phone rings he will tell me who it is. Clever boy!
  13. He knows all his colours
  14. He can count to 10
  15. He currently has an obsession with jam and custard doughnuts
  16. He is obsessed with supermarkets and loves going to them- Tesco, Sainsburys, Asda and Aldi
  17. He doesn’t like meat and is a fussy eater
  18. He first walked when he was 14 months old
  19. He is currently in a size 8-9 shoe
  20. He moved to a big boy toddler bed at the age of 14 months old



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