20 facts about Eden 


Here’s a chance for you to get to know my little Eden otherwise known as “Bobbit” or “Bobs”:

  1. Her full name is Eden Rose Evans
  2. She was born July 6th 2016
  3. She was born 4 days late
  4. Her nicknames are Bobbit, Bobs, Bob. They were given to her by Fletcher and it’s just stuck with everybody
  5. She’s a mummy’s girl like Fletcher
  6. She doesn’t really like cuddles
  7. Her favourite thing to do is empty everything and then leave a huge mess
  8. She took her first steps at 15 months old on October 21st
  9. She’s quite laid back
  10. She LOVES food. She’s a food monster
  11. Her favourite TV show is Peppa Pig and Twirlywoos
  12. She’s currently in age 12-18 months clothes
  13. She’s in size 4-5 shoes
  14. She can say mama, “aya” for heya, wow and shake her head and say nah for no
  15. She can be very stroppy if she doesn’t get what she wants straight away
  16. She had her first tooth through at 3 months. She’s now almost got all of her teeth
  17. She has a bunny comforter that goes everywhere with her and she can’t sleep without it
  18. She hates wearing headbands and having her hair in piggies and clipped back
  19. She was a terrible sleeper as a baby, barely slept. Thankfully she loves her sleep now!
  20. She loves bathtime and splashing



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