It’s beginning to look a lot like Christmas


1st December means it is officially Christmas, to me anyway! Not only is it officially Christmas but it means it is acceptable to put the Christmas tree up, blast those Christmas songs, decorate everything with sparkly decorations and eat and drink lots yummy things.

I do have a little confession to make though, my Christmas tree has actually been up for about 2 weeks already. It was all Fletcher’s idea I swear! It was a Sunday afternoon and he had a little accident which resulted in us visiting A&E and having his head glued back together and because he was so brave he wanted “Mc O’Donalds” (McDonald’s) for his tea and he wanted to put the tree up. So yeah, it was all Fletcher’s idea. His head is also fine by the way, healing nicely now.

Fletcher and Eden have their own little tree in their bedroom which has got some cute decorations on and their first Christmas ones. We’ve got our tree up in the living room too and our stockings are hanging from our bedroom doors. I love decorating the house for Christmas!

As we are all decorated for Christmas and to get you in the festive spirit I thought I’d share with you some photos of our Christmassy home:

Edens pretty fairy decorations hanging on the tree in their bedroom.


Our little Elf “Elfie”. I haven’t started doing Elf on a shelf yet, I think both Fletcher and Eden are still too young to really understand and enjoy it. I am hoping to do it next year though. I also find the original Elf really creepy, is that just me or anybody else?

Fletcher and Eden’s stockings are hanging on their door and they are almost full. Also their first Christmas decorations that their Nana brought them. Absolutely love Eden’s, it’s so princess like.

I am yet to get a decent photo of the tree, because of where it is. So this is the best I could do for now. I am hoping to change my decorations next year, I’ve had these purple and silver baubles since we moved in a few years ago and I’m not keen any more. The only reason I chose purple was because our hallway is purple and every other room in the house is grey, black and white. Hopefully next year I will have some new baubles and a grey hallway.


Our little elf countdown tells me it’s only 24 days until Christmas. 24 DAYS! I am so excited. Every post you see from me this month will be about Christmas so if you are a bah humbug then you might want to check back in the New Year.



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