Stocking fillers for the family


Once I’ve brought and wrapped everybody’s Christmas presents I start the fun part of gift shopping, stocking fillers. I like to try and find some cool useful gifts for the stocking, sometimes something a little fun too.

Stocking fillers are a little tradition that my mum used to do when I lived at home. She used to secretly fill mine and my dads stockings without us seeing and then we’d fill hers. It’s something I’ve carried on doing since I moved out and started my own family. My mum still secretly puts gifts in our stockings when she comes round to visit and I in hers and my dads too.

Last year my other half had loads of chocolate in his so this year I wanted to avoid food which I have successfully done. I’m pretty impressed with his stocking fillers this year and I think he will be too.

Whilst I am yet to find a single present in my stocking (that makes me sad. Ha ha), I have filled Fletcher, Edens and my other half’s so that gave me the idea for this post.

So here are my stocking filler gift ideas for everybody in the family:


Bath bombs, cute fluffy socks, mini yankee candle, ring for a hug bell, phone case, gift card, mini bottle of wine, chocolates and nail varnish.

Whilst putting this stocking filler gift guide together for us mommas I tried to think about things that I would like to find in my stocking and gifts that us mums would find useful, especially after those long tiring days where you just want to relax and have some you time. The little bell is just something a little fun and cute thrown in there too. If I had all or some of these in my stocking on Christmas morning I’d be a happy momma. Actually, scrap that, just give me the wine! Just kidding.


Earphones, phone case, razor, Reeses chocolate cups, aftershave, shower gel and deodorant, touchscreen gloves and novelty boxers.

This one probably looks more suited to a teenager but I had my other half in mind for this one and although he is 27 he is a big kid! I know he would enjoy these and find them most useful.


Toy wooden car, Peppa pig bedtime books, cutlery set, water bottle, bath time foam letters, wooden animals, chocolate Santa, matey bubble bath, Play-doh, crayons and a bunny teddy.

Every year I have put a bottle of matey in Fletcher and Eden’s stocking. I used to love matey when I was younger, I remember having some very bubbly baths and it smells so good! I also wouldn’t mind finding that adorable bunny in my stocking, it looks so soft and cuddly.

I hope you found this stocking filler gift guide useful. What are you hoping to find in your stocking this year?



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