Snow day

Sunday 10th December we woke up to a pretty beautiful sight. It’s very rare it snows where we are in the UK so you can imagine how excited I was for Fletcher and Eden to see their first proper snowfall. It snowed all day none stop and into the night too.

It was just so lovely to see all of the cars parked up for a change and families out and about on foot, pulling their kids on sledges to the shops and Christmas songs playing whilst everybody walked around in wellies wrapped up as warm as they could. It was such a nice festive atmosphere and it couldn’t of happened at a better time, in December. I can’t remember the last time I saw snow at all let alone a white December/Christmas. I’m not sure how much snow we had fall in total in terms of cm or inches but it was enough to snow cars in and force schools to shut for two days.

I couldn’t wait to get outside with Fletcher and Eden to see what they made of it. We went out pretty early in the morning, around 9am. I wanted to get out there before it got too deep and before everybody had put their footprints in it.

Here’s Fletcher and Edens first time in the snow:




Edens reaction to it was priceless, I’m so glad I got it on video. In her little voice she said “wooow”. I had to open one of her Christmas presents, her wellies. I wasn’t expecting to need them before Christmas but glad we did! It was just magical to see them both enjoying the snow, who knows when they will see snow again.

The snow has practically all gone now, we’re just left with lots of ice so it’s made getting out of the house a little difficult when you’re on foot with just a pushchair. We’re not forecast any more now but it was nice for the couple of days that we’ve had it.



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