My favourite Christmas snacks

Christmas is the only time of the year that is acceptable to eat anything and everything all day long and maybe have chocolate for breakfast. All the yummy party food comes out in the shops and it’s all very tempting. Then there’s that whole aisle dedicated to Christmas chocolates, sweets, crisps, shortbreads, you know all the naughty but so good got to have food.

I start collecting Christmas food and goodies about November time. I always get a little bit each week and store it in the drawer. I’m surprised it’s still all there by Christmas to be honest, I will admit that I do open the drawer a lot just to look at it all. Yum yum. A few days before Christmas Day I get all the food and goodies out for us to enjoy. We always end up with more chocolate on Christmas Day and then we’re eating chocolate for weeks after too.

There are certain foods and drinks that I only enjoy at Christmas time, like mince pies. I wouldn’t think about making or eating them any other time of the year. Are there any foods or drinks that you only eat at Christmas?

Here are my favourite naughty sweet and savoury treats that I like to enjoy at Christmas:


Mint Matchmakers. I usually have to eat the whole box in one go!

Thai Sweet Chilli Sensations. These are yummy crisps with a bit of heat to them.

Mince Pies. I love mince pies but only if they are home made or made fresh in a bakery.

Treeselets. I absolutely love these. I wish they were available all year round. I can honestly eat a whole tub to myself in one go.

Shortbread Biscuits. Love a good buttery crumbly Shortbread me.

Quality Street. The strawberry ones and toffee coins are my favourite.

Hot chocolate with cream. I’ve actually just polished one of these off whilst typing this up. It’s my Winter warmer drink.

Chocolate Orange. I like to put mine in the fridge so it’s nice and cold. I do find them quite sickly though.

Pringles. A great Christmas movie snack.

Frosty Fancy cakes. I wish you could get these all year round too. They’re so yummy! Only bad thing is two bites and they’re gone.

Lindt Lindor Strawberries and Cream. These are amazing and just melt in your mouth! If you haven’t already tried them you need too.

I can’t wait to eat all of this yummy food in just a few days. The diet continues after Christmas!



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