100 blog post ideas for mums

Firstly I just want to say Happy New Year to you all! I hope you all had a lovely Christmas šŸ™‚

Are you struggling to think of topics to blog about this year? As it’s a New Year, hello 2018, I thought I’d put together a list of blog post ideas. These should help to keep you creative and keep you going for a while, hopefully:

  1. Monthly updates on your child(ren)
  2. 10 things you didn’t know about me
  3. What my kid(s) ate today
  4. Favourite recipe
  5. How to stay on top of the housework
  6. Bedtime routine
  7. Top 5 children’s apps
  8. Potty training tips
  9. Top 5 most annoying children’s TV shows
  10. Top 5 most educational children’s TV shows
  11. A day in the life
  12. Life before and after kids
  13. Tips to ditch the dummy
  14. Tips for new/first time parents
  15. Easter/Christmas/Halloween craft ideas
  16. Favourite me time indulgences
  17. Review a product
  18. Baby/kids clothes haul
  19. Top 5 favourite kids books
  20. Weekly meal plan
  21. 5 things to do without the kids
  22. Spring/Summer/Winter wardrobe
  23. 10 indoor activities
  24. Baby products you found completely useless
  25. Baby products you found useful
  26. 10 signs you live with kids
  27. Birthday gift ideas for babies/toddlers/kids/teens
  28. Throwback to the kids baby photos
  29. Why I love blogging
  30. Tips for surviving your first year as a parent
  31. How to start a blog
  32. Book review
  33. How to keep the kids entertained on long journeys
  34. Favourite parenting/mummy bloggers
  35. Weaning tips
  36. Tips for fussy eaters
  37. Tips for dealing with tantrums
  38. Preparing for a new sibling
  39. A tour of your baby’s/kids room
  40. Favourite Instagram accounts
  41. Morning routine
  42. Interview your child
  43. Top 5 kids toys
  44. Planning for a 1st/2nd/3rd… birthday
  45. Favourite makeup/beauty/hair products
  46. How to feed the family on a budget
  47. Changing bag essentials
  48. Tips to lose the baby weight
  49. Healthy snack ideas
  50. Fun food art ideas
  51. Things I said I’d never do as a parent…. I lied
  52. The truth about motherhood: the good, the bad and the ugly
  53. 20 facts about my child(ren)
  54. Do a vlog post
  55. Why I chose to be a stay at home mum/work at home mum/working mum
  56. Parenting failures
  57. The transition from cot to bed tips
  58. Interview your other half
  59. Favourite baby names that you won’t use
  60. Things to consider when choosing the right pushchair/car seat
  61. How to survive the sleepless nights
  62. How to survive when your baby is poorly
  63. Best teething products and tips
  64. Date night ideas
  65. What I’m currently watching/reading
  66. Top 5 family movies
  67. Sleepover at grannies checklist
  68. What’s in my handbag
  69. Dealing with sibling rivalry
  70. The differences between 1 child vs multiple children
  71. 5 best website for stock photos
  72. Favourite baby product brands
  73. Baby product brands vs shops own brand
  74. Mom fashion
  75. How I chose to discipline
  76. Handmade Father’s Day gift ideas
  77. 10 favourite Twitter accounts
  78. Wardrobe wish list
  79. 5 things I couldn’t live without
  80. The benefits of letting your children use tablets
  81. Monthly pregnancy updates
  82. Hospital bag essentials and non essentials
  83. How me and my other half met
  84. Wedding story
  85. 10 lies we tell our kids
  86. The truth about postpartum recovery
  87. Why I chose to breastfeed/not to breastfeed
  88. Guest post
  89. Places to visit for a family day out
  90. Birth story and photos (if you’re brave enough)
  91. First day of nursery/school
  92. How to baby proof your home
  93. 5 hopes and dreams I have for my child(ren)
  94. Guilty pleasures
  95. Favourite photos I’ve taken recently
  96. How I stay organised
  97. Favourite products of the month
  98. Favourite inspirational quotes
  99. What I did this weekend
  100. My baby photos vs my kids baby photos comparison



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