How we ditched the dummy with Fletcher

I had all these plans and ideas about what age Fletcher would be when we decided to ditch the dummy and how we would do it, blah blah blah. I even remember reading several articles on the internet about it and all the different ways other mums ditched it. Some fazed it out slowly while others just went cold turkey.

I tried about a year ago to get the dummy off Fletcher during the day time and it did work for a few days but then slowly it somehow happened that it was fazed back in and he ended up having it all the time again.

When he started Nursery last year in March they managed to get it off him whilst he spent his afternoons there. I was quite surprised they did it to be honest. So for the last year he has been dummy free during Nursery times just not at home.

If Nursery could do it then why couldn’t I? I guess partly for selfish reasons, bedtimes were easy and fuss free with the dummy, tantrums and meltdowns were easily solved with a dummy and basically everything was solved with a dummy. It was just easier to let him have it. Not to mention of course he’s had a dummy since he was born and it’s been his comfort for almost 3 years.

A few months ago I decided that after Christmas the dummies were going for good and this time I would stick to it. I told Fletcher that Santa was taking the dummies back home with him but I got a very stroppy “No!” from him. To be expected really I suppose. Christmas Day came and went and he still had a dummy and the next day and the day after that. Come on! Get the damn dummy off of him. It’s easy. He’s just always going to have a dummy, I’m never going to ditch it.

I brought him a birthday present on the internet (can’t believe he is nearly 3!!!) which arrived Saturday 30th December. Stupidly I opened it up in front of him, I was excited to see it. Fletcher got excited when he saw it too but I told him it was for his birthday and I put it away. We had a few little tantrums but that was it he understood it was for his birthday. You can take a toy off him and deal with the tantrums so why can’t you take the dummy off him?!

The next day I was preparing our Sunday roast dinner and I popped my head round into the living room the little bugger had his birthday present and was ripping the box open! I ran into him hoping to save his present but he had practically got into the box. I can’t give that to him as a birthday present now! What happened next completely had me by surprise.

He had a dummy in his mouth at the time. (His birthday present by the way was a talking Buzz Lightyear). So I said to him “if you put your dummy in the bin you can have Toy Story” what! Did I just say that? He was so excited and I remember the huge grin on his face as he shouted “yeah!”, ran to the bin, threw his dummy in it and said “bye bye dummy”. OMG. There was one more dummy hiding in his wardrobe which I got him to throw away too. There’s no going back now.

The rest of the day he asked for a dummy only a handful of times and each time I ignored it and changed the subject, distraction. Wow this is going great! Then it dawned on me that bedtime would come eventually, then what am I going to do? I can’t bribe him with toys then can I, not at bed time. I was fully prepared for a long battle, that’s ok. I am ready for this. Poor Fletcher, he is not.

Bed time came and obviously he asked for his dummy, quite a lot actually. The only thing I could think of was to remind him that he threw them in the bin for his Toy Story. He accepted that but only if he could cuddle his Buzz. He fell asleep with no trouble whatsoever that night and slept through. I’m so proud of him! And me for not giving in of course.

The next day he didn’t ask for it and when bedtime came he just fell asleep again without his dummy. Hopefully we’re over the worst of it, if you can really call that the worst. He’s done so well and seems to have adapted without it a lot better than I thought. I’ve coped a lot better than I thought I would too!

Ditching the dummy for us wasn’t planned, it just happened. So for now I can say that we are dummy free! Well done Fletcher!



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