Amazon Fire 7 Kids Edition Tablet | Review


Fletcher and Eden both received an Amazon fire 7 kids edition tablet for Christmas. Fletcher previously had an iPad which he absolutely loved, we are an apple kind of family. His iPad was an old one and we wanted to get one for Eden too so they could both have a tablet. I was quite keen to purchase them both a kids tablet and I had seen the amazon fire kids edition advertised quite a lot and knew that that was the one I wanted for them.

Technical info:

The tablet comes with 1 year of fire for kids unlimited, a kid-proof case and is available in a choice of Blue, Pink and Yellow (we have a blue case for Fletcher and pink for Eden). It also comes with a 2 year guarantee which covers anything. Should an accident happen all you have to do is send the tablet off to Amazon who will replace it.

Parents can create a profile for each child and chose exactly what content they wish their children to have access too. Parents can also set daily limits for the usage and set restrictions on certain categories like games, however reading is completely unlimited (something I think is fab).

Fire For Kids Unlimited offers over 5,000 books, movies, TV shows, educational apps and games featuring kids’ favourite characters like Peppa Pig (huge favourite for Eden). All content is age appropriate for kids from 3-12.

The tablet has a 7 inch screen which is more than ample for little ones. It has an internal storage of 16GB, a 2MP rear facing camera, microphone, headphone jack and has up to 8 hours battery life depending of course on usage. Dimensions are height: 24.3cm, width 15.4cm and is 26.33mm thin.

Ok, technical stuff out of the way. All opinions on this tablet are my own honest views.


Firstly, both Fletcher and Eden (And me) were very excited and couldn’t wait to get started. Setting up was quick and easy. Once it was all set up I found it quite confusing and difficult to use and I knew that fletcher would too, having being used to an iPad.

After having the tablets for a month now, I find them incredibly easy to use. Fletcher still struggles a little and often gives it to me when he wants to change a video or change games but he is slowly getting used to it and how it works. Eden is far to young to be able to understand how to navigate her way around it but that’s ok, I do all that for her, although she has a good go at tapping on it and trying to scroll through. She somehow always manages to change the videos just by tapping here and pressing there!

The amount of content that comes with the Fire for kids is amazing and what’s even more amazing is that you get a years worth of unlimited use. After the year you then have to pay a monthly subscription, which isn’t a lot for what you’re getting and completely worth it in my opinion. There’s absolutely loads of choice from videos of their favourite TV shows, books and games. I don’t see how they could ever get bored as there’s just so much choice.

This is my favourite bit. If you download what ever they want whilst connected to an internet connection then when you are on the go and can’t connect to the internet they can still use what has been downloaded! It’s fab and not something Fletcher has been able to do with his old iPad. We’ve definitely been making the most of this feature when we’ve been out for meals, long car journeys and even during the food shopping. We’ve been round Tesco with them both watching Peppa Pig, it’s great!

I haven’t looked into the parental controls yet purely because they’re never really on it long enough for me to feel the need to set daily time limits and all the content on it is safe enough for me. So this is a feature I probably won’t be using just yet but I have no doubt that in the future I will be using it and it will come in handy.

I think it’s a fab little tablet for kids and I’m very pleased with it, I think Fletcher and Eden are too! It’s definitely worth every penny and I’d highly recommend it if you’re looking at buying your little one(s) a tablet.



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