My top 10 most useless baby items


When I was pregnant with Fletcher, being a first time mom I purchased everything, as you do. I soon learnt that I spent a lot of money on some completely useless products, for us anyway. When I was pregnant with Eden I didn’t buy half as much, just the basics that I knew I’d need. I definitely saved a lot of money and space second time around.

Obviously of course, these are baby products that I found completely useless and a waste of money but it doesn’t mean to say that you haven’t found/won’t find them useless.

1. Changing table

Don’t get me wrong, I think these are a lovely idea and make a Nursery look lovely and organised. However, I find it much easier to just have a changing mat in the living room and pull it out when it’s needed and just do it on the floor. It’s a huge space saver too and by the time Baby is approaching the 1 year mark they’re too big to fit on it anyway.

2. Walker

I brought Fletcher a walker, I thought he’d really enjoy it. He did for about 10 minutes. Probably the worst £50 I’ve ever spent on a baby product. They’re so big and bulky as well, you need a big space and an open house for baby to actually get the use out of it. They also don’t work very well on carpet at all. I actually ended up giving ours away for free. I was so glad when it was gone out of the way to make room for more useful things.

3. Play mat

We was gifted one of these for Fletcher and he enjoyed it for a short period of time. We also brought one for Eden, I have no idea why. She also only enjoyed it for a short period of time. They both used to get bored after a minute of being on it and they outgrew it so quickly! Before you know it they’re sitting up and wanting to sit and play, not lie down and play.

4. Changing bag

When you’re buying your pram it’s exciting and you want a nice bag to match. I found a changing bag to be helpful for the first few months and then you don’t need to take so much stuff around with you any more and you end up buying a character back pack like Peppa Pig or Mickey Mouse. Luckily I never spent a fortune on a changing bag, I mean some of them are ridiculously overpriced.

5. Bottle warmer

I never had one of these and I never used them in Cafés or restaurants when we was out and about. If you’re making bottles up as and when you need them then there’s really no point needing a bottle warmer at all. My two always much preferred their bottles at room temperature anyway

6. Nappy bin

My other half brought a nappy bin after we had Eden. He was fed up of nappies stinking our bin out so he thought it would be a good idea. In theory it is but in reality the filters for them are so expensive and you can’t actually get many nappies in it anyway. As you can probably guess, we didn’t use it for very long and it ended up in the bin along with the nappies.

7. Swing

We brought a second hand swing from my cousin when I was pregnant with Fletcher. I remember being told by several people that I wouldn’t be able to live without a swing. I’m so glad we brought a second hand one and didn’t pay the earth for a brand new one. Ok, it looked lovely and so cute and I loved the idea of it personally but Fletcher did not and it soon took up a lot of space that we could have done with.

8. Baby oil

I was brought a lot of this for my baby shower. I thought great, I’ve got a huge supply I’ll never have to buy anyway. Never used it. What do you even need it for anyway?

9. Scratch mitts

I had absolutely loads of mittens. They’re so big they just fall off all the time.

10. Talcum powder

I was brought a lot of this too and I did actually use it eventually but then I just didn’t get its use? Ok, fletcher smelt lovely but didn’t notice a difference if I used it or not.

What baby products do you find absolutely useless?



4 thoughts on “My top 10 most useless baby items

  1. My daughter is 1 and we still use the changing table. I tend to use it less then my husband though. For some reason he prefers it to the floor BUT I stay home and keep a stash of diapers and wipes for easy access in our living room and 9/10 times change her on the floor during the day. Also, I likely would never purchase a brand new changing table, if anything I would buy used. Lucky for us, ours was given to us by a family member for free and we used it with my first daughter as well. I never used a walker with either of my girls. I heard they are bad for babies hips and can also be dangerous. My children seemed to transistion to the walking stage quickly too and hated to be confined to gadgets like that. Never felt we needed one and honestly I don’t even know many people that do use them anymore! We got a playmat as a gift and both our daughters loved it, although it was used for such a short span of time. Again, something I’d never buy new for that reason! My second was ebf and never needed bottles so we never used a bottle warmer for her, not once. We did use it the first time around for quickly thawing frozen breasmilk in bottles and warming her breastmilk to a temp she desired. It was much quicker then the warm water in a cup thing. If I could add a couple items to your list it would be… a wipe warmer and scented baby wash/lotion.

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  2. I agree with 1,3, and 6. My younger one is fussy about temperature of her bottle so 5 helped, depends on the baby I suppose? 9 was a must for both of my kids and the ones I bought didn’t fall off that much.. Socks on the other hand fell off ALL THE EFFIN TIME and I resorted to swaddling the lower half of their bodies. The most useless item that I was gifted were baby shoes. Babies can’t walk, people. Stop selling/buying them!

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