Little Bus Lotto Mini Game

Fletcher had an Orchard Jigsaw for Christmas, which he absolutely loves and does so well. I was quite impressed with it myself and immediately wanted to find some more puzzles of the same brand. So while I was out and about shopping one day I came across more from this Orchard brand and instantly fell in love with their products. They have a huge range of puzzles and games starting from ages 18 months right up to adults.

We was in the book shop one day and they had a little area for some Orchard mini games and Fletcher straight away wanted Little Bus Lotto, no surprise to me really, he likes cars and busses a lot. So we paid for it and, bless him, Fletcher carried it round the shopping centre and all the way home. As soon as we got home he couldn’t wait to get it out and play.

4 bus playing cards.
24 animal passenger cards.
Instruction leaflet.

It’s an animal themed lotto game suitable for ages 3-6 years and is for 2-4 players. As it’s a mini game it’s compact so is perfect for both travel and at home. It helps to develop matching and memory skills in a fun way.

Setting up:
Each player takes a bus card.
Spread the passenger cards face down on the table.

How to play:
Take it in turns to turn over one of the passenger cards.
If the card matches one of the animals on your bus then place the card over the matching animal on your bus card.
If the card doesn’t match then show it to the other players before placing it face down on the table. It’s then the next players turn.
The winner is the first person to fill their bus with passengers.

It’s that easy and fun! Fletcher took to it straight away and understood how to play, although there was definitely a little cheating going on, little rascal! Fletcher really enjoyed it and found it so much fun, so did I too to be honest. I’m already looking at growing our Orchard collection and looking to see what game we can get next.

If you’re interested in Little Bus Lotto then check it out at Amazon.



2 thoughts on “Little Bus Lotto Mini Game

  1. Ohhh we don’t have this one yet! I’m definitely adding this one to our ‘Orchard Toys’ must have list. We are obsessed with their toys. My daughter will adore this one.

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