Fletcher turns 3!


February 10th 2015 at 4:30pm my tiny 7lb 14oz baby boy was born. And now he is 3 years old!

It honestly feels like yesterday that I was in the operating theatre feeling well and truly out of it, high as a kite and practically falling asleep on the bed whilst they was telling me to push (with the help of forceps) else I’d have to have a section and nobody wanted that. “I want to break free” by Queen was playing on the radio, ha ha. I’ll never forget that! Very apt don’t you think. All of a sudden I heard the cries of a baby and then he was handed to my other half who was sat next to me and apparently the first thing I said when I saw Fletcher was “ooh look a baby”. I don’t remember saying it at all, that’s how out of it I was! As you can imagine I was very poorly the next few hours that followed that from all of the drugs, which we won’t go into.

3 years later here we are…

Fletcher had a lovely couple of days celebrating his birthday surrounded by family. Birthday celebrations started the day before (February 9th) with a visit to soft play with all of his grandparents and his auntie in tow. It’s a fantastic place where we went, adults can use the equipment too. We all had so much fun climbing and racing around and going down the big slides. Who needs to go to the gym when there’s soft play?! It was hard work I tell you. Haha. From there we went to a dessert restaurant and we all had cake and milkshakes for lunch!

Fletcher was so excited when he woke up on the morning of his birthday, his little face when he saw all of the decorations and presents waiting for him was a picture. The first thing he said was “wow!” and he wasted no time ripping open his presents.

Later on we had a little tea party at home for him and all of his grandparents came, his auntie and cousins and my friend and Fletcher’s little friend too. It was such a lovely afternoon, we all enjoyed it and had an amazing time.

Fletcher was well and truly spoilt and is such a lucky boy. Meanwhile I’m trying to find new homes for all of his new toys, books and clothes whilst eating birthday cake for the next week! His birthday cake was just amazing, I still cant get over how good it looked (and tastes). I hope you’re ready for lots of Bing cake spam…

Let the threenager stage begin!




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