My top 10 most useful baby items


These are my top 10 baby products that I couldn’t have done without! I even still use a few of them now. There may be a few products that I think are amazing but you don’t but here are my top 10 most useful baby products:

1. Jumperoo

This was by far the best £80 I’ve ever spent! Genius idea and absolutely amazing. Fletcher would spend hours jumping in his jumperoo. He used to love bouncing away whilst watching TV or watching me do housework and cooking. Highly recommend one.

2. Bath seat

After Fletcher grew out of his baby bath i purchased a summer bath seat (the one pictured) and he has big boy baths. I found it much easier to just fill up the bath and have this seat instead of a baby bath. It also reclines into a few positions so grows with your baby and folds away. Such a space saver too.

3. Dribble bibs

I’ve found a couple of uses for these, the most obvious being to soak up the dribble from a teething baby but what about when your little one has a cold and a runny nose? They’re much softer than wiping a nose with tissue and much easier than you running around with tissues all day. You can pick them up for quite cheap too. I still use them when Fletcher and Eden have runny noses.

4. Baby wipes

These are my best friend. I think I use nearly a pack a day cleaning bums, hands, faces, food and drink spilled on clothes and just about anything and everything!

5. Video monitor

I still use our video monitor for Eden. It’s just peace of mind to be able to see her sleeping. If she cries I can quickly check to see if she really needs me because she’s lost her dummy or her comfort or she’s kicked her blanket off. I don’t think I’m ever going to be able to stop using it, I’d be forever worrying if she’s ok! It’s perfect for the first few weeks of baby being in their cot and room for the first time. Bit of a warning though, you will spend most of the night staring at the monitor just watching.

6. Sleeping bag

Can’t rate these enough. As a first time Mom I was so worried about Fletcher pulling his blanket up over his face or kicking it off and getting too cold. With a sleeping bag I didn’t have to worry about any of this. Used them with Eden too right up until a few months ago.

7. Bib with food catcher

These bibs will save a lot of lovely clothes getting ruined by stains and also save your lovely carpets! Also if your little one has an accident and drops food the bib will catch it so they can pull it out and try again.

8. Comforter

My two absolutely love their comforter. Fletcher had a cream bunny that he was very attached too and he took it everywhere! It’s no longer cream as you can imagine. He doesn’t have it now he’s grown up (it’s in his memory box) but Eden still has hers. She has a pink one and again just like her brother it goes everywhere with her. When she’s upset I give it to her and it calms her down so much. We’ve lost it a few times actually whilst out and about but luckily have always managed to find it! I would panic if we ever lost it and couldn’t find it.

9. Dummy clips

These really come in handy when you’re out and about. I always leave a dummy clipped to the straps of the pram so whenever I go out I know there’s a dummy on the pram. Eden hasn’t yet figured out how to get the clip off, thank god, so we never lose a dummy when we’re out. I don’t bother clipping them to her when we’re at home though.

10. Bouncer chair

This has to definitely be an essential for me. Everything is so much easier with one of these. They even do them from newborn right up until their toddlers. These make life a lot easier, you can take baby in the bathroom with you while you shower, in the kitchen while you’re cooking and you know they’re safe, secure and comfortable.



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