World Book Day

Here in the UK today (1st March) it’s World Book Day.

If you’re not sure what World Book Day is then it’s basically a day to celebrate books and reading. It’s a way of encouraging children to read and to discover even more new books to read. It’s celebrated here by children dressing up as their favourite book character and then going into school and nursery where they will be given a book token which they can then take into participating stores and swap for a free book. Pretty cool idea right! For more information on World Book Day click here!

So this year is Fletcher’s first year celebrating World Book Day. Nursery kindly asked that all children who wanted too, go into nursery dressed up. I was so excited and couldn’t wait to go costume shopping with Fletcher. We came across so many fun costumes and eventually we narrowed it down to two, Paddington Bear and Harry Potter. Fletcher couldn’t decide and wanted both so we brought both and he was going to decide on the day what he wanted to dress up as.

He has chosen Harry Potter!

World book day 4

World book day 3

world book day 7World book day 8

Mr Harry Potter is all ready to go off to Hogwarts (aka nursery) today! He is definitely the most cutest Gryffindor student I have ever seen, even if I am slightly very biased. He did look cute as Paddington Bear too but Harry Potter suits him so much I think! Before nursery he asked that we watched Harry Potter too. I love that he is a fan just as much as me! He loves Dobby too and I just don’t have the heart to let him watch Deathly Hallows where the cutest house elf dies. At the moment I only let him watch Philsopher’s Stone and Chamber of Secrets anyway.

Are your little ones celebrating World Book Day today? If so how are they celebrating, I’d love to hear!



3 thoughts on “World Book Day

  1. What an awesome holiday! My kids’ schools might have a “Book Character Parade” during the school year, where they will either dress up themselves or something like a pumpkin (or a shoe box… depends on the teacher). Thanks for sharing!


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