Easter activities and crafts


With Easter upon us It’s time to start doing some Easter themed activities and crafts. So, here are some fun Easter themed activities and crafts for you and your little one(s) to do this Easter:

Easter bonnet


Would you believe I’ve never actually made an Easter bonnet! I don’t think my two are quite old enough yet but when they are this is something we will definitely be doing. I think most schools these days have an Easter bonnet competition where kids make them at home with parents and then take them into school and the best one wins a prize. They’re pretty cheap to make too and some shops even have a kit with everything included that you need to make one.

Cornflake cakes

chocolate-and-toffee-treatsI make these every Easter, I’m such a big kid! They’re so simple to make and yummy. My favourite thing to do is to make them with white chocolate instead of milk chocolate, yummy. All you need to make these yummy Easter cakes is a couple of bars of chocolate, cornflakes, cupcake cases and a bag of mini eggs. All you have to do is melt the chocolate, add in some cornflakes and stir until it’s all mixed together, then spoon into the cake cases and top with a mini egg and refrigerate. Easy peasy.

Easter Egg hunts

Keep the kids entertained by hiding mini chocolate eggs around the house and garden and leaving them little clues so they can find them. You can buy some cute little baskets for the kids to put the eggs in or you could even make them if you wish. Most supermarkets sell Easter egg hunt eggs now, you usually get a box or tub full of little chocolate eggs. All you have to do is plan the hiding places and clues. Last year my Mother-in-Law did a hunt for the kids and she’s doing it again this year. It was a big hit with Fletcher.

Wooden spoon puppets


To make these adorable puppets you will need: a wooden spoon, paint, felt, googly eyes, feathers, glue and a black marker pen. First you will need to paint the spoon and leave to dry. For the bunnies cut two outer ears out of felt and two smaller inner ears then glue the inner ears to the outer ears. Glue the ears to the top of the spoon at the back. For the chicks glue some feathers to the back of the spoon. Then glue on the googly eyes and with a black marker draw on some eyelashes. Next, cut a nose out of felt and glue on to the spoon and with the black marker draw on a mouth and some dimples. You can experiment and try different designs of course!


eggcress.jpgI remember making these in school, did you make them too? I still remember how they smelled and going into school every day and checking to see how much they’ve grown. I suppose you could say this is a classic activity and definitely something worth doing with the kids. You will need eggs, cress seeds, cotton wool balls, egg cups and anything you would like to use to decorate. They’re pretty cute.


Easter bunny paper plates

67712ab584e0f4fb352bcaa2e914d3fe.jpgA quick, easy and simple activity. All you need is a white paper plate, white paper, pink paper, googly eyes, pink pipe cleaners, pink pom pom, black marker pen and some glue. You could also use cotton wool for a fluffy bunny face or you could make a chick instead. Using two paper plates you could even make a body as well and attach a cotton wool ball for a cute fluffy tail.










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