My blogging space

For a while now I’ve wanted to have a desk, a little space that’s my own where I can relax once the kids have gone to bed and do some blogging. Naturally, I knew exactly where to go: Ikea! (I’m addicted to that place, our whole house could pass as an ikea showroom).

I knew how I wanted my little space to look and it did have to be little as there wasn’t much space to work with really. Luckily I found the perfect sized desk. Once I knew which I desk I wanted everything else was easy to pick out. Of course, I got some inspiration from Pinterest, you’ve got to love Pinterest for inspiration and ideas.

I’ve finally created my little desk space and I absolutely love it, it’s actually turned out better than I expected. So in future, if you need me, I shall be here doing some blogging…


Got to have a photo of my babies that I took. The “To Do” board was my little bargain, I found it in one of my favourite clothes shops (New Look) in the sale for £5!

And some inspiration quotes too. “Life is brighter with a smile” and “Be more” which is a candle that I will never light, it’s just there to look pretty. Anyone else buy candles just to look nice and never light them too? The candle was also found in the sale from B&M for £1.49, got to love B&M for little accessories like this!

DSC_0061I’ve added a nice fluffy rug to the chair for a bit of cosiness and comfort.

DSC_0095Sneak peak inside my drawer where there’s some more inspirational quotes and a marble notebook (from New Look) so I can make note of anything that needs doing or any blog post ideas that come to me.

DSC_0115It looks so cosy at night with the lamp on, I often just put the lamp on because it looks nice and I like to look at it.

To achieve the look I’ve created for my desk space here’s what I brought from ikea:

Micke Desk
Teodores Chair
Fardrup Grey Rug
Fillsta table lamp
LED Bulb
Sigfinn mobile holder



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