Easter cake cheat

When Fletcher was at nursery one afternoon, me and Eden made an Easter cake. Ok so we cheated massively, thank you Betty Crocker, but we still made a cake. I do enjoy cooking and baking from scratch but sometimes it’s just quicker, easier and cheaper to cheat a little, shhh. Nobody has to know! Except you guys and girls.

I brought the Betty Crocker Tempting Chocolate cake mix, Betty Crocker Chocolate Fudge icing and a packet of mini eggs. All you have to add to the cake mix is eggs, water and oil, which I already keep in. I picked these up from B&M too! It says this cake will serve 12, unless you’re a chocoholic cake lover of course.

DSC_0194First, empty the cake mix into a bowl, add 3 medium eggs, 125ml of oil, 230ml of water and mix together.DSC_0241Next step is to pour the mix evenly (ish) into two greased cake tins and bake for around 25 minutes and then…DSC_0252Ta-da, two chocolate cakes! Once they’ve cooled down you get to do the fun bit, decorate and eat. I sandwiched the two sponges together with some of the icing and then very generously spread some more frosting on top before finishing off with the mini eggs. An easy, quick and very scrummy Easter cake…





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