Easter Bonnet parade

Today Fletcher is having an Easter bonnet parade at Nursery! He was sent home last week with a cute little leaflet asking to make a homemade bonnet to show off in the parade.

Honestly, my first thought was oh god. I don’t consider myself very crafty or good at things like this at all and the fact that I’ve also never made one before! Then my other half kindly reminded me that next year I will have to make two as Eden will be at nursery and that I’ll now have to make two every year for the next few years. Ahh!

As I mentioned in a previous post, making Easter bonnets was something I was going to do when Fletcher and Eden were a little older. I should have known really that nursery would be holding some sort of Easter bonnet show as it seems to be quite a big tradition here in the UK.

So, cue me running to Sainsbury’s to raid the Easter craft section, which by the way, they have some gorgeous things in. I found an Easter bonnet kit which had everything in that me and Fletcher would need to (hopefully) make a cute bonnet and it was only £3! Bargain. We had to buy the actual hat separately but they had several colours to chose from and were only £1. So in total £4 to make an Easter bonnet. Thank you Sainsbury’s.

Buying a kit is probably cheating but it’s a lot quicker and easier! Maybe next year we’ll be creative enough to come up with our own design.

So here’s Fletcher’s Easter bonnet that he’s wearing for the parade today….Ta-da!

What do you think? Hopefully you can tell it’s a bunny digging in the grass for some carrots.



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