Mom guilt

In just 6 weeks time me and hubby are leaving for a holiday, just the two of us. The last holiday we had was our honeymoon back in 2015 and we took Fletcher with us as he was only 7 months old at the time, there was no way I could leave him for a week being that young still.

Life with two toddlers can be pretty stressful, frustrating and mentally and physically tiring at times and there have been many days where I’ve thought “I’d love to go on holiday, no laundry, no cooking, no cleaning, no nappies and I could sleep and spend all day doing absolutely nothing”. We all deserve a little break sometimes don’t we and as moms I’m sure you’ve all had the same or similar thoughts once or twice…. or a hundred times. Haha.

We were thinking of having a family holiday next year, the four of us. It would have gave us enough time to save as holidays for families of four don’t come cheap! So after realising how much it would cost for all four of us to go on holiday and how next year seems so far away to wait for that much wanted break, hubby suggested that just me and him go away this year.

At first I really wasn’t sure on the idea at all even though I have secretly longed for lounging around by a swimming pool all day with a cocktail in one hand and a book in the other. Thinking and dreaming about something is completely different to actually doing it though right.

When hubby mentioned it my parents were around and they said yes, go, you both deserve a break, we’ll have the kids. Hearing those words put my mind at ease a bit and I thought yep, you know what, I want that bloody holiday! But there was one condition on my part. It couldn’t be for a week, only a few nights.

As you can imagine hubby agreed and began searching for holidays straight away. A few days later he had found a holiday and we booked it.

So, me and him are off to Fuerteventura for 4 nights at the start of June. Because of the flight times it turns out I’ll be apart from my (sometimes pain the butt but gorgeous) babies for 6 nights. Is it ok to admit that actually, part of me is excited at the thought of being child free for that long?

I feel guilty of course for leaving them for that amount of time, what will other people think, will they think it’s selfish of us? Will Fletcher and Eden be ok without me? Will my parents be able to handle them both? What about Fletcher and Eden having a holiday too?

I also feel guilty about being excited about going on holiday so I’m sort of holding my excitement back. I haven’t even been shopping and brought any holiday clothes yet. I am excited, honestly! Ahh but I feel so guilty saying that.

Mom guilt is horrible but at the same time I know I’m the best mom I can be to them and I’m also not just ‘mom’, I’m me, Bex. I need a break too so I can be rested and recharged ready to get back to mommy duties. I know we are very lucky and we’re so grateful that my parents have offered to look after Fletcher and Eden for us.

Have you ever gone on a holiday, no matter how short, without your babies? How did you deal with the Mom guilt? Did you eventually relax and enjoy it?



3 thoughts on “Mom guilt

    1. That is very true, I never thought of that! I’ll definitely be video calling all the time I think. Thank you 😊 I’m sure once I’m there I will be able to relax a bit.

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