A day in the life

Friday 27th May

6:52am- What a night. I was up and down to Eden several times and I don’t know what time it was but she ended up in bed with us and took ages to get comfortable and back to sleep. Finally drifted back off to sleep myself and Fletcher woke at 5am. I could hear him talking over the monitor so I got up, got him out of bed and put Eden back in her own bed. Me and Fletcher snuggled up together on the sofa watching Ben and Holly’s Little Kingdom where I fell back to sleep. Now I’m drinking my cuppa tea and Fletcher is sitting on his potty and has just told me “I done one!”

7:02am – Just checked the weather for today, rain all day. I’m thinking it’s a pyjama day for us.

7:43am – Eden is awake. On the monitor I can see her sat up in bed. Better go and get her and sort out some breakfast for us.

8:22am – We’re all fed and both Fletcher and Eden have clean bums and fresh pyjamas on ready for the day. I’ve escaped to our bedroom to change the bed, tidy up and vacuum. Eden’s just come to join me so I guess I’ll be having some “help”. Uh-oh.

8:29am- I think Eden has woke up on the wrong side of the bed. Ahhhh. She’s so grumpy!!

8:37am – Now I have two helpers. Although they’re not really helping, they’re jumping on the bed. Oh my goodness, this is going to take longer than I thought.

9:45am – Our bedroom and bathroom done. The kids bedroom was also done but whilst doing the bathroom they’ve trashed it so will have to start again. But for now, my Nan and Grandad have just arrived so I’m going to make them a cuppa and join them.

10:22am – Bless my Nan, she’s now cleaning my inside windows for me and Fletcher is helping. Eden is very tired. While my Nan and Fletcher are cleaning windows I’ve put a load of washing on and tidied up the kids bedroom, again.

11:15 – First load of washing is in the tumble dryer and second load of washing is in the washing machine. Nan and grandad are still here, just made a second cuppa for them. Fletcher and Eden are currently trashing the living room, but that’s ok, I’ll get to that room later.

11:40 – My Nan and grandad have just gone to Sainsbury’s to get us adults some lunch and some sprinkles so we can make cupcakes. Bless them, they’re so good! Just going to make Fletcher and Eden some cheese toasties for their lunch. I absolutely hate grating cheese, I don’t have the patience for it but I’m completely useless at slicing it! They’re currently sat at their table eating a dairylea dunker each whilst waiting for their toasted sandwiches.

12:39 – My Nan and grandad have just left. Fletcher is playing with his toot toots and Eden is chilling in her chair watching Peppa Pig, she’s still very tired. I’m hoping she doesn’t fall asleep though because if she naps during the day she’s a nightmare to get to bed. While they’re both quiet I’m going to make cupcakes, Fletcher likes to lick the spoon, naughty but got to be done! Once they’re done I’ll get Fletcher to decorate them.

13:14 – While the cupcakes are cooling I thought I’d come and sit down for 5 minutes with a nice drink. I don’t know where the time has gone today, I feel like I’ve done nothing and gotten nowhere. How have I got the cheek to be tired?

14:48 – Cupcakes are now iced and covered in sprinkles, that was fun! Washing and drying up is done and kitchen is cleaned. Now we’re watching Boss Baby, one of Fletchers favourite films. Jon (hubby) has just sent me a text to say he fancies a curry tonight. If it saves me cooking then yes please!!

15:29 – Eden has now decided she wants to go to sleep. Nooooo! My challenge is keeping her awake for another 3 hours now then it’s her bed time. She’s not happy, understandably. Anyway, whilst watching the film I’ve done the food shopping list ready for tomorrow. Hubby finishes work in an hour. I have an hour and a half to put away all clean washing from today and tidy up the mess that is the living room.

16:12 – Boss Baby has just finished right on time to get the oven on for Fletcher and Eden’s tea. Hubby will be home in roughly 45 minutes as well.

16:16 – Major tantrum from Fletcher because Boss Baby has finished. Looks like I’m watching it again. At this point in the day I’m too tired to argue with a 3 year old.

18:03 – Hubby is home from work now, both kids have had their tea, bath, milk, teeth brushed and Eden has just fallen asleep. I’ve read two Peppa Pig books to Fletcher and now it’s gone very quiet in the bedroom. I’m too nervous to go and see if he’s asleep incase he’s not and I have to read more stories! I’ll never get out of there. Oh it’s so nice to sit down. Although have just realised nick jr is still on the TV and the remote is over the other side of the room. Hm. Guess I’m watching Blaze and the Monster Machines then. Friday night mom life, so rock and roll. Haha.

18:24 – Fletcher is fast asleep! Both of them, asleep. Wow! Hubby is just going to the shops so while he’s out I’m finally going to have a shower and order our curry.

19:11 – I’m really cold!! Wrapped up in my pyjamas and dressing gown snuggled up on the sofa watching Emmerdale. I’m a soap addict if you didn’t already know, Emmerdale, Corrie and Eastenders. I’m so hungry too, my belly is rumbling. Every time I hear a car I check out the window to see if it’s my curry. Not heard a peep out of Fletcher and Eden either….Yet.

19:47 – Ohhh. Have. Eaten. Far. Too. Much.

20:07 – Ahhh bed feels so nice, especially with clean fresh sheets. Hoping Eden lets me get more sleep tonight, sharing a bed with a toddler is no fun. Why do they have to sleep really awkward and spread out? You end up with a toe in your face and all sorts! Yes, I realise it may seem a little sad that it’s just after 8pm and I’m in bed. Welcome to parenthood.

21:05 – Soooo tired! Goodnight



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