Birmingham Botanical Gardens

Yesterday we had a lovely day out at the Birmingham Botanical Gardens. We’ve been there a few times now and have never been disappointed. It’s such a beautiful place and the gardens are just stunning and so colourful.

It was Edens first time going there yesterday, mad to think that before yesterday the last time I went there I was heavily pregnant with her. She had a lovely time exploring and just being able to be free to run around. I think it’s a great little place for kids, it was absolutely packed yesterday with other mums and little ones and they were just loving it, especially the playgrounds. Entry for children under five is free which I think is brilliant!


My favourite part are the glasshouses. The flowers are just so beautiful and I was totally amazed at the bananas growing! As you can imagine I had a whale of time with my camera in the glasshouses, most of my photos from yesterday were taken in there.





They’ve also got a birdhouse and a few peacocks roaming around. Fletcher was a little scared of the”teacocks” (peacocks) at first but he soon came around. They’re so friendly and really not bothered at all. For some reason Fletcher calls them teacocks, we’re still working on that one, haha.


We took a little picnic which was nice, there’s absolutely loads of benches and lots of grass so you’ll always find somewhere to sit and eat. They do have a lovely little cafe as well which serves Costa coffee and cakes as well as ice creams and hot meals. We enjoyed a little hot chocolate and cake there when we first arrived and when it warmed up after lunch we all had an ice cream.

I highly recommend checking it out and paying a visit. It’s such a lovely cheap day out as well, I already can’t wait to go back there maybe in Autumn/Winter. I’ve only ever been in Spring/Summer so would love to see what it’s like during the colder months.



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