Life lately

I haven’t posted in what feels like a year and truthfully, I’ve missed blogging! Things have been pretty busy these last few weeks so I thought whilst Fletcher and Eden are both at nursery this afternoon, instead of doing dishes (they can wait a bit longer) I would sit and have an hour to myself with a nice cuppa and fill you all in on what’s happening with life lately.

You may remember reading a previous post about me having some mom guilt for going on holiday without Fletcher and Eden, well we ended up having a lovely time just me and the other half. I will admit that on the flight out to Fuertevetura I was a little teary because I didn’t have time to kiss Eden goodbye. It was a very early start, we left the house at 3am for the airport and we accidentally woke Fletcher up whilst getting ready so I got to say bye to him but we was running out of time, I left quick and once we arrived at the airport it hit me that I didn’t say goodbye to Eden. As soon as we landed the first thing I did was Face Time my mom to see Eden and Fletcher of course. But anyway, we did have a lovely break and I will be honest, we did absolutely nothing. Isn’t that what holidays are about though? We spent the days by the pool drinking cocktails (O M G they make them strong out there!) and the evenings walking on the beach and sitting in the hotel bar drinking more cocktails. The 4 nights absolutely flew by but felt like we’d been there forever.

It was so nice to be back home though with my babies and back to what I do best: being a mummy!

If you follow me on social media you may have read that we have sold our first home! Not only have we sold our first home but we had an offer accepted on a house that we loved from the minute we stepped through the door. Exciting times!! I have mixed feelings about moving house as this is our first home and it’s where we brought Fletcher and Eden home from the hospital. There’s just so many memories here but I know there are even more memories to make in our new home. We currently live in a ground floor two bedroom flat/apartment (what ever you prefer to call it) which we brought when I was 6 months pregnant. It was our first step to getting on the property ladder and we loved our little flat and still do but now Eden is here and they’re both getting bigger and older we have just outgrown it, far quicker than we expected really. This all happened a couple of weeks ago so the ball is rolling with solicitors etc… It hasn’t been as smooth as we would have liked so far and we’ve been a little stressed out but they do say moving house is stressful don’t they. It all rests on the mortgage now, which is with the underwriters and we’re just waiting to hear if it’s been accepted any day now. I feel like a nervous wreck, every time my phone goes off I jump and race to see if it’s good news. Please keep your fingers crossed for us! We should know by next Tuesday. Then it’s all go from there and hopefully we will be moving middle to end of July. So yeah, that’s another reason things have been pretty busy and will be busy for the next 5-6 weeks.

Eden’s 2nd birthday is just 3 weeks away! I’ve been a busy bee buying birthday presents, all Peppa Pig presents as she is completely obsessed, her first word was actually “Pep Pig”, thanks Eden it’s supposed to be mama! I’ve been tracking down everything Peppa: birthday cards, gift wrap, gifts and party decorations. We’re having a little tea party at home just for family and a close friend of ours so everything is going to be Peppa Pig apart from the food, I’m not that good! Everything for her birthday is nearly complete, I’m just waiting on a delivery of some customized Peppa converse and then we’re all done, thank goodness. I think I am all Peppa’d out.

I entered Eden into a brand rep search on Facebook a couple of weeks ago and just before we went on holiday I had a message to say she had been picked! I was so excited and couldn’t believe it. If you follow me on Instagram you will have seen all about it so, sorry if you’re having to hear it all again! The contract is for 3 months and we get to enjoy a lovely little discount on the most beautiful handmade clothes! I’ve also got a nice discount code to dish out to family and friends too, if you want to check it out then follow the links to my instagram account. So in return for all this, all we have to do is take some lovely photos of Eden in her gorgeous clothes and email them off to the lovely lady who’s business it is so that she can then use the photos. I think I have become a little addicted though, my bank balance is screaming at me. Oops. We received our first order on Tuesday and I just couldn’t wait to get it on Eden, the quality is amazing, I mean this isn’t your Primark stuff! I can’t wait to receive our other orders.



We are so proud to be a brand rep for Oh Sew Cute.

Life with kids is just busy and tiring anyway so any spare time that I have had lately has just been spent on chilling and relaxing in front of the TV or with a book, blogging has taken a bit of a backseat but hopefully once I get through this busy period over the next few weeks I can have some time for the blog. But yeah, that was just a little update really on life lately.



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