Our first broken bone

On Saturday (23rd) we went to a family BBQ, it’s a yearly event to celebrate my cousins birthday and this year she turned 8. Fletcher and Eden were so excited to go to the “party”.

They both had a lovely afternoon running around the garden and enjoying the slide, seesaw, trampoline, swing and bouncy castle. I just know that when we move into our own house they’re going to be out in the garden at every opportunity, I can’t wait! Fletcher even made a friend at the BBQ, a little boy who was maybe a couple of years older. They played so lovely together on the bouncy castle and even sat next to each other to eat their food. It was so adorable and so lovely to see Fletcher playing with another child, he lacks a bit of confidence (he gets that from me), he has gotten so much better with his confidence though since starting nursery.

Next thing we know we saw one of our family members picking Fletcher up off the floor by the swing and he came running over to me for a hug and I kissed his arm better for him. He was so upset and appeared tired, he had been awake since 4:30am so it was highly likely that he was tired. We decided to call it a day and head home, Eden was also very tired. The plan was to get them home, give them a nice bath and settle down ready for bed.

I knew Fletcher had really hurt his arm by the way he was holding it and whenever I tried to touch it he cried. When we arrived home I unclipped Fletchers car seat and carefully tried to free his arm and he screamed so much. I noticed his elbow was a little swollen and rock hard compared to his other elbow and my instincts kicked in. I decided it was best to go to A&E, it was very obvious he was in pain and something wasn’t quite right so me, Fletcher and grandad headed to the hospital.

He was given some calpol straight away and sent down for an X-ray. I felt awful, I had to twist his arm and bend it so it was straight and flat against the table. As you can imagine he screamed so much but he was so brave. We were then sent back to the waiting room in A&E for the results. Whilst we were waiting his arm just kept swelling, it was like a balloon and bless him, he tried to play with the toys with one hand and every now and then he forgot and would wince when he tried to use his poorly arm.

When we were called in to be seen by a lovely lady she knew exactly what the results were going to be without even looking and then she confirmed, he had fractured his elbow. At that moment I was so glad I trusted my instincts and took him straight to the hospital. I felt so sad for my little man, he’d been so brave and he must of been in so much pain.

The lady put a cast on his arm from his hand up to his shoulder. Fletcher wasn’t very keen on having the cast put on at all. We were then told to come to the fracture clinic Monday (today) morning.

He wanted to decorate his cast with Peppa Pig stickers, he was happy and thought it looked so cool!

Our appointment at the fracture clinic went well this morning, they’re more than happy to leave his cast as it is and to go back in a weeks time for a review and hopefully all being well he may have it off, they’re pretty confident his kind of fracture will heal nicely. He’s been so spoilt by family for being such a brave boy, we’ve had lots of new Paw Patrol toys, such a lucky boy.

Fletcher’s now at nursery, he couldn’t wait to get there to show his friends his cool arm!



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