Dear Eden

Dear Eden,

I write this letter to you as, my pretty girl, you’re almost 2 years old. “Hello my pretty girl”, I say this to you every morning when I greet you because I haven’t seen you since yesterday and I’m so happy to see your pretty face, even your big brother says it too and he gets so excited that you’re awake, see he does love you I promise.

I remember the day you were born very clearly as though it was yesterday, you kept us waiting 4 days but that was ok, you gave me a very easy and quick labour and for that I am thankful for, you’ll understand when it’s your turn to become a mummy! You had a lovely water birth whilst mummy was stuffing her face with toast and I guess you were in a hurry to meet us as the whole process only took an hour. We had lots of lovely first cuddles in the pool before getting out and I couldn’t believe you were here, it all happened so quickly. Then just a few hours later we were on our way home to begin our life as a family of four.

The first couple of months of you being here were the hardest. You were so uncomfortable and so unhappy, so sick (literally) and in pain. You barely slept, you hated lying down and the only way you would sleep was in your car seat in your pushchair or on daddy’s chest. We tried for 7 long weeks to figure out what was wrong with you and to get you better and happy. You suffered with silent reflux until you were 12 months old but that gaviscon you had in every feed was a miracle! It completely changed you and you was happy.

I feel a bit guilty for not having the one to one time with you that I had with your brother. He was only 16 months old when you were born and he didn’t understand that mummy had two babies now and he craved a lot of attention and for that, I feel like I should say sorry. We had our afternoons together when your brother started nursery and I loved the time with you, I saw a completely different side to you, I got to see your character and little personality shine and make you who you are today.


Eden you are so independent, you like to do things yourself and hate it when we try to help you and the fact that you can do so many things for yourself makes you so grown up, it makes me realise that you’re not my little baby any more, you’re a little lady now. Ok, a stroppy and sassy little lady!

Eden you make me laugh so much, you’re such a drama queen and so sassy when you strop. You have this walk that you do, you put your head down to the side and swing one arm with such attitude and walk along shouting, I can’t help but laugh. I think your temper comes from your red hair!

You’re such a mummy’s girl too, you get angry with me if I go anywhere without you. You like to have a cuddle with me every morning when you wake while you have your juice and we watch Peppa Pig or Ben & Holly’s Little Kingdom. I love the way you say mummy, you say it like it’s a question and you’re asking me something, “mummy?” And I always reply with “Eden?” Or “yes?”.

You started nursery at the beginning of May, just one afternoon (for now) a week on a Thursday. I felt sad at first and a bit guilty but I did it for you. I wanted you to gain some social skills, to be around other children and adults, to make some friends and hopefully gain some confidence (not that you need it). It was definitely the right decision because you absolutely love it. You push past all the other kids carrying your Peppa Pig backpack to make sure that you’re the first one in there and once you’re inside there’s no stopping you. You’re not upset or scared about me leaving you there. I can see just how much fun you have there and it makes me happy.

I can’t believe you’re almost 2 years old. Mummy’s been planning you’re birthday for a few months already. I’ve planned a family day out to the zoo on your birthday and a little party the next day. Everything is going to be Peppa Pig because you adore Peppa, I mean you are completely obsessed! I hope you have a lovely birthday creating memories. I’m going to take lots of photos so one day when you’re older we can look back together.

Mummy loves you Eden Rose, my pretty girl.



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