Dear Fletcher

Dear Fletcher,

You were mummy and daddy’s rainbow baby. You’ll never know how wanted you were. It took us 8 very long months to finally see that + sign and I was so scared of losing you that I needed to see that + sign every day for months. I tried to relax and enjoy our good news but truthfully, I couldn’t, at least not for the first few months. You gave mummy a tiny scare about 10 weeks after we found out about you and I remember lying on the bed and seeing you for the first time. You were there, you were absolutely fine wriggling about.

Mummy didn’t handle your labour very well at all so I can’t really tell you much about it. What I can tell you though was that when you were born a song was playing called “I want to break free”. I thought it was so fitting and so funny! I was very poorly shortly after you were born so I didn’t get to hold you properly for a little bit but that’s ok because soon after it was just you and me for the whole night. You were here, you were safe. I had done it. We’d made it through 9 months and nothing bad was going to happen now. You’d made me a mummy. I didn’t get much sleep the night you were born, I was too busy watching you to make sure you were breathing. It’s a mummy thing!

You were such a good happy baby. All you did was sleep and drink milk. I loved taking you out in your pram, I was so proud to show you off.

You wasn’t too pleased when your sister came along. You cried and hid when we brought her home from hospital and it was so sad. You knew that you had to share me and it wasn’t just going to be us two during the daytime anymore. To this day you still find it hard but sometimes you can be so nice and loving towards Eden and those moments are so lovely. I just know that one day you’re going to look out for her.

You’ve grown up into such a loving and caring little boy. You’re such a mummy’s boy too, you always have been. Whenever you’re poorly, hurt or feeling sad it’s nothing a hug and a kiss better cant fix. You’re always telling me you love me or you’ve missed me. It’s so adorable when you ask me if I’m alright and when I’m upset it upsets you too and I hate to see you upset so I wipe my tears away and we do something fun instead.

You’ve nearly finished nursery and will soon be moving on to pre-school. Oh little man when did you get so big and grown up?

Mummy loves you cheeky!



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