The Bean Machine

We’ve been trying out a new bedtime routine with Fletcher recently as he has really hit the whole “threenager” stage and at times has been challenging. So, we decided we needed to rethink our discipline strategy as well as tackling his bedtime routine.

His old bedtime routine was pretty lazy to be honest, don’t get me wrong, it used to work for him like a treat when he was 18 months old but I now realise he is no longer a baby any more so maybe that’s where we’ve been going so wrong at bed times. His new bedtime routine came as a bit of an accident really, he was being very testing one day, all day, so we decided to take his iPad off him and no CBeebies bedtime hour and that he would go straight to bed. As you can imagine, he was not happy and got himself all worked up so to calm him down I suggested he pick a book and I read to him. Honestly, It was like magic! He tucked himself up with his quilt, snuggled up with his cushions and teddies and got comfy while I read a book to him and he fell asleep towards the end of the book. Since that night that’s what we’ve done. There’s no iPad or TV any more, just books and I have to admit it’s great, I love it.

Every night I let Fletcher decide how many books he wants to read (within reason) and what books. So, I thought I’d share with you one of our favourite bedtime stories at the moment: The Bean Machine by Adam Bestwick.


We all know beans are the musical fruit, (The more you eat, the more you toot!). But here’s a tale of a boy named Jack, Who munched on beans with every snack. In tomato sauce so thick and sweet, These orange things were his favourite treat, So here it is in all its glory…An alternative Jack and The Bean story…

The story is about a boy called Jack who loves baked beans, he’s completely obsessed with them and eats them with just about everything, he even eats them cold, yuck! But Jacks love for Baked Beans brings some pretty big consequences for his family, neighbours and the recycling centre!

We absolutely adore this book, Fletcher asks for it nearly every night and to be honest, I really don’t mind reading it over and over again. It’s such an easy read because it rhymes, I find myself almost singing along to it, it’s amazing how it all flows. The illustrations are also lovely and colourful which. I think makes it easier for little ones to follow. Fletcher loves looking at the pictures while I do the reading, he’s able to follow the story through the pictures and tell me what’s happening. The ending is a perfect finish to a lovely, funny, messy and lovable read.


If you’re looking for some new books then The Bean Machine is highly recommend by me and Fletcher, you can find it on Amazon.

We enjoyed this book so much we went looking for more books by Adam Bestwick and we found “More Ketchup Please!” which has become another favourite of ours. Give them a go, you’ll love them!




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