50 Things to do with the kids during the summer holidays

Having to occupy my two for a whole 6 weeks is something I never thought I’d have to think about so soon. Last week Fletcher finished his last day at nursery and now has the “6 week holiday” to enjoy before he starts pre-school in September.

I felt so sad taking him to nursery for the last time. He’d been going there since March last year and all the girls there are lovely and we’d all got to know each other and now it’s the end of an era. My boy is all grown up and off to new things! It’s not completely goodbye to nursery just yet though, Eden is moving up to Fletchers old room in September, which I’m really happy about! The girls who looked after Fletcher will now be looking after Eden. Eden will be going there every Thursday afternoon throughout the summer holidays though to have a few trial settle in sessions.

Now I’ve got 6 weeks of occupying both Fletcher and Eden! It’s going to be so strange having Fletcher at home so much. I don’t know about your kid(s), but my two get bored very easily and then start fighting and moaning so I definitely need to think of ways to keep them busy.

Here are 50 things to do with the kids during the summer holidays:

1. Make your own pizzas
2. Painting
3. Swimming
4. Go to the park
5. Visit a farm
6. Go to a zoo
7. Go to a safari park
8. Strawberry picking
9. A day trip to the Seaside
10. Have a lazy pyjama movie day with snacks
11. Get the paddling pool out

12. Go out for breakfast/lunch or dinner
13. Go to a soft play place
14. Build a blanket fort/den
15. Day trip to a theme park
16. Get the play doh out
17. Gardening
18. Treasure hunt round the house or garden
19. Visit a sea life centre
20. Have a trip somewhere on the train
21. Have a balloon water fight

22. Have a picnic somewhere
23. Go on a stone hunt and paint them
24. Visit the library
25. Go to a museum
26. Baking
27. Go for a nature walk with a list of things to find
28. Play games like “I spy” and “hide and seek”
29. Go to the cinema
30. Make things out of cereal boxes and milk cartons
31. Decorate biscuits

32. Go away for a long weekend
33. Visit family for the day
34. Rearrange/redecorate the kids bedroom with their help
35. Visit a butterfly farm
36. Bake and host a tea party afternoon for grandparents
37. Play board games
38. Buy some tubs of ice cream, sauce, sprinkles, cones etc. and make your own ice creams
39. Visit a local outdoor splash/water park
40. Invite friends round for a play date and some lunch
41. Visit a local outdoor sandpit
42. Make an obstacle course round the house
43. Visit local attractions
44. Go bowling
45. Play dressing up and have a little photoshoot
46. Face painting
47. Homemade science experiments
48. Make paper boats and have boat races in the paddling pool/bath or a tub of water
49. Bike rides
50. Colouring – print some colouring sheets, there are loads online!

Hopefully I have been able to give you some ideas for the summer!




5 thoughts on “50 Things to do with the kids during the summer holidays

    1. It’s ridiculously hot here in the UK at the moment. Not enjoying it at all. Makes it uncomfortable to do anything. Hoping it cools down a bit for us to do some of these activities

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