My biggest regret from both of my labours

I have a massive regret from both of my labours with Fletcher and Eden and even now I still think about it and wish I had of done it.

You’d think after having Fletcher I would have been prepared for Eden’s labour and remembered to do what I wanted to do, but I still didn’t. Looking back I suppose it was the last thing on my mind, I was just focused on the pain and didn’t care about anything else.

My biggest regret is not having any photos taken.

I suppose some might think why would you want photos of yourself in pain and in labour, why would you want to remember that?

For me photos are memories, the more you take the better! Labour is those last moments before your life is about to change forever as you become a parent. It’s the end of a 9 month journey and the start of a new one. So, of course it’s something I would want to remember, especially Eden’s.

Fletcher’s labour was horrible! Everything about it was just horrible, at least compared to Eden’s anyway. The room, the staff and the whole experience was horrible. Being the first and not knowing what to expect, it was far worse than I imagined and I was quite poorly after he was born. At the time asking my other half to take photos was the absolute last thing on my mind but soon after I really regretted it.

When I was pregnant with Eden I was determined to make sure my other half took some candid photos.

During my pregnancy with her I knew my labour was going to be totally different, for a start I’d heard that second babies are usually quicker and easier because your body knows what to do. Also because the hospital where Fletcher was born shut their delivery suite so it meant I had to go to the nearest hospital that had a delivery suite, which at first I wasn’t keen on at all.

My midwife gave me loads of information about what was available for me at this hospital and they have an amazing birth centre as well as your usual delivery suite. Only certain ladies qualified to go straight to the birth centre and I was one of them!

After hearing all about the birth centre and seeing photos I just knew that my second labour was going to be a much nicer experience. Definitely one I’d like photos of to remember.

Well as you can guess, I still didn’t get any photos of Eden’s labour, but it was a completely different experience, an amazing one! I ended up having a water birth and it was all over with in just over an hour. I got up out of that pool like nothing had happened and we were home within a few hours. Sounds perfect right? I could honestly kick myself for not asking my other half to take photos.

I don’t think we’ll be adding to our family any time soon, if at all, but if we ever have a 3rd chance in the future, I’m definitely going to make sure I have no regrets.

This is the Poppy Suite where Eden was born

Do you have any regrets from your labour(s)?



3 thoughts on “My biggest regret from both of my labours

  1. I agree, having pictures of labor and birth are special and I regret the ones I didn’t get. I have some fron Each but I wish I’d had more.


  2. The room you had Eden it looks absolutely perfect! Really nice. Sending you lots of love; having regrets is not easy to deal with… I have some terrible photos of me in labour that I haven’t shown anyone but they’re special 🙂 maybe you’ll do it all over again one day x


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