Autumn & Halloween craft ideas for kids

For a few weeks now I’ve been searching Pinterest for some Autumn and Halloween crafts that I can do with Fletcher and Eden. Pinterest is full of brilliant ideas and not just for crafts, so check it out, if you haven’t already!

Me and Eden have already been on an Autumn nature walk and collected some leaves ready for a crafty afternoon. I wanted to share some of my favourite ideas with you guys, some that I am definately going to try out (although I am not the best at arts and crafts):


Pumpkin apple stamps
I think these are adorable and would make great halloween cards to the grandparents! All you need is an apple, brown and green pipe cleaners, orange paint, googly eyes, glue and some white card. 


Puffy ghost
A nice friendly looking ghost to decorate your house with this halloween. All you need is some white and black card, glue and cotton wool balls.


Leaf People
I don’t think you could get much easier and cheaper than this really cute idea. Get outside and get collecting some leaves and then using some glue, googly eyes and a black marker you can make some leaf people! There are all kinds of shapes and colours so imagine all the different leaf people you could make.


Pom pom pumpkins, ghost and spiders
These would make such a cute halloween decoration for the home, or even in the kids room. All you need is some wool: orange, white and black, glue, pipcleaners and string. These would also look great even just placed round the home instead of a garland.

Pumpkin plates
There’s so many different ways you could make these easy pumpkin plates. You could also make ghosts and spiders too. They’d make a cute vertical garland too using some ribbon.




4bb2ece56b525cd832b9e1ce7c78f2d7 Conker Caterpillar
If you’re lucky enough to collect loads of conkers then try out this caterpillar. You’ll need to make a hole in the center of the conkers but you can use a skewer or a drill. It’s a great activity for little ones to do some threading. You can use string or a pipecleaner but make sure to tie the ends together so the conkers don’t fall off.



All of these can be found on Pinterest along with hundereds of other cool craft ideas. Have you done any Autumn or halloween crafts with your little ones yet? If so please share your ideas 🙂 

I can’t wait to plan and do some crafts with Fletcher and Eden!



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