Pumpkin Farm

We recently visited a local pumpkin farm. This was our first time going to pick our own pumpkin, usually I just pick a few from the supermarket. Honestly, it was brilliant and I would highly recommend visiting one near you if you have one.

I have never seen so many pumpkins ever! And there were some gigantic pumpkins, pumpkins I couldn’t even lift. There were pumpkins of all shapes, sizes and colours: white, grey, green, orange. There were pumpkins with little warts all over them, flat bright orange pumpkins. The choice was amazing! Ok so they are a little more expensive than you would pay in the supermarket but it’s worth paying a few £’s extra to pick your own.

They had these cute little pull along carts. Fletcher was so excited when he saw them, he and Eden both jumped in one. They both had an absolute blast climbing on the pumpkins and trying to pick them all up. At the end there was a little Halloween shop which had some really cool decorations.

We had a lovely afternoon and we’ve came home with a football sized pumpkin and Eden’s four little ones that picked by herself. We will definitely be going back next year that’s for sure!



7 thoughts on “Pumpkin Farm

  1. Definitely worth a visit you could well and truly spend a few hours there the choice you could of picked from was an amazing afternoon there was fun for all the kiddies and parents to xxxxx


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