Happy Halloween!

Happy Halloween!!

Fletcher’s been really excited about Halloween this year and as it’s half term I thought it be would be a fun idea to throw a little Halloween lunch, so that is how we have spent today! We invited grandparents to our lunch and we had pizzas, chicken nuggets, cocktail sausages, garlic bread, crisps, ham and cheese rolls, cake and sweets. It was all so yummy!

We decorated the diner especially and I have to say I think it looked pretty cool, cool enough for our lunch. Fletcher and Eden loved helping to carve the pumpkin too, I did all the cutting! We even found a wickedly spooky Halloween playlist and honestly, both Fletcher and Eden were going nuts dancing around like zombies.

It was such a lovely lunch, we all had a lovely time celebrating Halloween! Unfortunately daddy had to work so he missed out on all of the fun but we saved him some food.

Tomorrow night we’re taking Fletcher and Eden to their first firework display. I am so excited for them. I’ve been trying to tell them all about fireworks and to prepare them for the loud bangs, Fletcher is very excited and I know he is going to love them. I am a bit unsure about Eden though, she’s not very keen on loud noises, so I’m not to sure how she is going to find them, fingers crossed she is ok.

How did you celebrate Halloween today? I’d love to hear!



2 thoughts on “Happy Halloween!

  1. Lovely Halloween lunch with the family it was brilliant to spend time with you and kiddies and their grandparents Fletcher and Eden sure did have a great time Fletcher bought a tear to my eye when he was making sure everyone had something to eat he is such a kind hearted boy mommy and daddy must be so proud of him also Eden who loves to join in and has a go at anything well done mommy and daddy for raising two beautiful children xxxxxxxxxxxxx

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