Eden’s first broken bone


I can’t believe Eden has managed to fracture her ankle in two places. It was only 5 months ago that Fletcher fractured his elbow while we was at a family BBQ. What bad luck they’ve both had this year.

It happened last Thursday (1st November) around 6pm, right before we were due to leave for Fletcher and Eden’s first time at a firework display. Typical. I still don’t quite know how she managed it.

She was following me upstairs and next thing I know she’s crying. She crawls upstairs on her hands and knees, which was what she was doing when it happened. Thankfully we have a split landing so it broke her fall, she could have only fell down about 3 stairs. But I guess that’s all it takes. She ended up face first on her front on the landing but her legs were still on the stairs.

I knew she had really hurt her foot, she was so upset. It took me a while to calm her down and then she had a little nap. When she woke she didn’t appear to be in any pain unless her foot was touched. We decided we’d still go to the firework display and see how she was when we got home. She was absolutely fine during the fireworks, she enjoyed watching them whilst I was carrying her, she even seemed excited about the fair rides. When we got home she was still uncomfortable when her foot was touched and the start of a bruise was forming. I think that’s when I knew. As mom’s we have this instinct don’t we?

Off to hospital we went. She was so brave, you wouldn’t have thought she’d fractured it. We were there a few hours and she was as good as gold. We’ve now got a permanent cast on for 3 weeks then they’re going to take it off and see if she will put any weight on it and go from there. So fingers crossed!

Up until now she’s found it frustrating having the cast on. Understandable really, she’s gone from being very active and running around, playing with Fletcher to not being mobile. She’s been sleeping in with me and I have to say sleep wise, she’s done really well. She occasionally wakes crying because she can’t move and she’s uncomfortable but I was absolutely dreading sleep to be honest and so far I’ve had nothing to worry about.

She’s been so spoilt by her grandparents just like Fletcher was when he had his cast on. I think grandads present is the best though! She’s been a different girl since grandad brought her a scuttle bug. She plays on them at nursery all the time and now she has her own! It’s really cheered her up and she’s mobile again now! Yay.


Look at that smile! Brave girl. I have to help her on and off it of course but her and Fletcher have been having races and it’s just going to help her (and me) so much. It means she won’t be stuck in one position and she can still join in (and I can still get a few bits done too). Isn’t grandad the best!



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