Gro Clock | Review

Fletcher can sleep through an earth quake if it were to happen. He goes to bed no problem and stays asleep until the morning. The only problem we have is that morning to Fletcher is sometimes 3am, latest 5am. This has been going on for 3 and a half years. When you also have another little one who doesn’t sleep through the night these 3am starts are a nightmare.

You try everything you can think of from putting them to bed later to black out curtains. But what do you do when nothing seems to work? When putting them to bed later just makes them wake up even earlier?

It’s time to try out the Gro Clock!

So basically the Gro Clock is a sleep trainer for toddlers. It is supposed to help them understand and learn about time, especially day time and night time. It’s simple design of the sun for day time and stars for night time is easy for toddlers to understand the difference between both. So when the stars appears they know it’s night time and when the sun appears they know it’s morning and the best thing is, you can set the wake up time on the clock.

The instructions are pretty easy and simple, so I have set our clock to wake up at 6am. I think that’s a pretty acceptable time for a 3 year old to wake up. It’s definitely a time I can function at anyway, I think. Haha.

Our first morning of using the clock I was awake before Fletcher, what a difference! I heard him just after 6am, he was very excited to see the sun on his clock and shouted “mummy the sun is on the clock, it’s time to get up”. It was so adorable and so nice to have an extra couple of hours in bed.

Our second morning using the clock was another success, just after 6am Fletcher called me to say it was morning. On the third morning I decided that this clock is bloody amazing! 6am on the dot I had my wake up call “mummy the sun is on my clock, it’s time to get up”.

A week later and it’s still working! A couple of mornings I’ve been awake earlier than the clock so I’ve gone to get Fletcher up but because the sun wasn’t on the clock he wouldn’t get up. It’s brilliant.

I actually think we have cracked this and there will be no more 3am starts to my day! I never expected the gro clock to work, but to work right from the first morning, wow. I think it’s amazing and I would definitely recommend it to any parent who has an early riser. Cannot thank this clock enough for allowing me to get an extra few hours of sleep!



3 thoughts on “Gro Clock | Review

  1. It certainly a fantastic clock bex well done to Tammy for highly recommending this to us as for the cold it won’t be long before the new boiler is installed then you will be nice and cosy xxxxxxx

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