Elf on the Shelf ideas

I am so excited that we’ve finally got a naughty guest arriving for Christmas! I really enjoyed seeing daily posts from everybodys Elves last Christmas. I’ve been waiting until Fletcher reached an age where he understands Christmas and would enjoy the cheeky anticts of an Elf and finally this year I think he is ready for it. I don’t think Eden is quite old enough to understand yet but it’ll still be nice to introduce our Elf to her. Fletcher has already named our Elf Marshall, his favourite character from Paw Patrol of course.

So, I’ve been trying to prepare myself ready for the arrival of Marshall and again, I have taken to Pinterest (I really do love Pinterest!). So all of these ideas I am bringing you today are courtesy of Pinterest and you can find them on there too along with many more ideas, so check that out.

I’ve been doing lots of Elf shopping and Marshall has already got a sleeping bag, some pyjamas, a dressing gown, a sleigh, a swing and an Elf door. I’ve also been collecting a few other bits to help with his naughty anticts like an Elf cookie kit and some snowballs. I have ordered a personalised box also for Marshall’s arrival, cannot wait to see that!

There’s some fab ideas out there to help, afterall these Elves have to move every night! There are also some funny stories out there about why the Elf didn’t move last night, definately had me giggling.

So just for those who aren’t aware of the whole Elf on the Shelf craze, it’s a Christmas tradition where “Santa” sends one of his Elves to your house every Christmas to keep an eye on the kids. The Elf watches your family for the month of December and reports back to Santa every night so he can decide who is on the naughty or nice list. Then every morning the Elf returns to your house in a different place and brings a bit of mischief with him and waits for the kids to find him! Kids love to race around in the morning to look for their Elf! It’s great fun.


There are also tons of printable Elf colouring pages, selfie props, letters and other helpful fun props on Pinterest and Google so dont forget to check those out too if you need some help and inspiration.
Untitled-1So here he is, our Elf:

I’d love to hear all about your family Elf too if you have one, so please feel free to share any photos or stories that you have. I have no doubt that my social media sites (instagram and facebook) will be full of Marshall over the Christmas period so if you want to see what our cheeky guest gets up to then keep an eye out on my instagram in December!



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