Dressing up

Although we haven’t decorated Fletcher and Eden’s bedroom since we have moved house, we have tried to make it as nice and as homely as possible for now. Our long term plan is to convert our house to three bedrooms so they can have a room each but for now they are still sharing. We will get round to painting and replacing the carpet for them but I’m very excited about my little project of creating them a little dressing up area, which I want to share with you.

I am really pleased with how it’s turned out and I just love it, I think it looks so adorable! It was actually done on quite a small budget too which is a bonus. The main thing I wanted to do was create a space for their costumes that suited them both, nothing too girly and nothing too boyish. Also space too, I didn’t want anything too big or bulky that would take up a lot of space, I need to save some room for their Christmas presents.



It’s not completely finished yet, we’re just waiting on a pom pom garland to arrive for the shelf just to finish it off.

This whole look was done for roughly £35 (not including costumes):
* The rail was from Ikea and was just £5
* The floating shelf was from B&M and was £7.99
* The pink and blue coat hangers we already had but these were from eBay
* The prints were from eBay and were 99p each but at the time were on offer for buy 2 and get 1 free so the total for the prints was £1.98
* The frames for the prints were from The Range and cost a total of £6.57 for the three
* The little light box was from B&M and was £2.99
* The grey accessory basket was from TK Maxx and cost £8.99
* The pom pom garland that is on it’s way was from eBay and cost £2.33




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